7 Best Panini Press Reviews & Sandwich Makers 2022

Sitting hungry on a couch and thinking of having that cheesy and meat-full Panini makes your appetite bug you even more. And it is completely understandable how it feels when you go through the situation.

After all, there’s a reason why we are writing this so-called best panini press review for you, right? Grilling a Panini might include a little effort, but you can subtract that effort as well once you add an asset in your closet.

Yes, I am talking about the machine that will work on grilling Panini for you and is known as Panini Press for us.

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

So, if you are a Panini fanatic, then it’s high time to get the best Panini makers for you. And to ease your effort, I have compiled the 7 best of them that you will get below.

Why you should have the Best Panini Maker in your kitchen?

There will always be one question that will rise up just before you decide to get yourself a tool, and that question is: why would you even have it?

It’s the same for having a Panini press as well. Hence I have highlighted some points that show the necessity of the Panini Press.

  • It is able to grill the Paninis evenly and easily.
  • It takes lesser time to cook the food.
  • It can cook other foods as well.
  • It affords diligent mums to make healthy snacks for the family.
  • It comes with a simple to use and simple to clean traits.

The 7 Best Panini Press Reviews:

panini press reviews

1. Breville BSG520XL Duobest panini press

Do you think of getting a Panini press that will be there and charm you with all of its powerful performance? Because Breville has such a piece that works to give you all the power and that piece is their Panini Duo model: BSG520XL.

As it’s mentioned, this Panini Duo comes with quite an ample of power. And if you consider 1500 watts to be enough to sway you then why not possess one?

With the long-lasting Quantanium scratch-resistant cooking surface the BSG520XL appears to hold up pretty sound over time.

Besides, it features a flat bottom so you can have a nippy, even cooking with a ribbed top plate that leaves those hankered grill marks. Moreover, a sum up of 4 height settings makes sure that it gives an ideal height for any Panini you’d wish to grill.

Not only that, but it also comes with a ready-light indicator. It is going to help you in keeping the track of grilling progress. Well, to boost it more, I think that it is pretty a swaying quality to prove it as the best panini maker.

However, BSG520XL also comes with a corp wrap that feels like a cherry on the top.

So a reliable result with sturdy craftsmanship is proof of an ideal combination that marks it as one of the best Panini maker units to go for.


  • 1500 watts of power.
  • On and off ready light.
  • Flat plate bottom.
  • Quantanium cooking surface.
  • User manual with recipes.
  • Floating hinge with 4 settings of height.

Thumbs up for:

  • Quite easy and simple to use.
  • Height adjustment for melting and open-faced Paninis.
  • Weighs quite light, so it can be moved from one place to other.
  • Distributes accurate temperatures that won’t burn your Paninis.
  • Flexible hinge for variously sized Paninis.
  • Grilling surface gives an amazing nonstick cooking.

Thumbs down for:

  • Plates do not come as detachable.
  • Lacks temperature control.
  • Might give a smell of burnt plastic.
  • Not for pancakes.
  • There is no on and off switch.

2. Chefman RJ02-180-4-AM

best panini press

Incite yourself to make your Panini moment even tastier because the RJ02-180-4-AM from the Chefman assures to give you that. It’s like you already get the clue from its brand since their products tend to work as a Chef for you.

Earning the title to be the best Panini press, the model also appears as the indoor grill and the contact grill.

And if you think you are one of those who need 2 large paninis to satiate your stomach then this model will grill the two in a chorus for you.

Moreover, it also features skid-resistant feet so that the press does not slide around to disturb you in cooking. To add more, RJ02-180-4-AM features a floating hinge that would adjust in housing any thick Panini so that it can grill a perfect meal for you.

The best part is, the model will open at 180 degrees for the lay-flat grill if you are expecting a delectable grilled dishes.

Be it burger or steaks or vegetable, the maker has all the quality you wish it to have, As for upkeep, the RJ02-180-4-AM is super easy to wipe and clean since it uses nonstick coated plates to avoid food-stuck.

Speaking of the clean, there is one downside that might upset you a bit, and that is, it does not come with removable surface grills yet cleaning wise you will still find it pretty effortless. That does not stop it to be the best Panini maker, does it?


  • Nonstick coated plates.
  • Comes with a floating hinge.
  • Will open at 180 degrees.

Thumbs up for:

  • Pretty multifunctional, you can use it indoor and contact grill.
  • The floating hinge can be adjusted to house any sized Panini.
  • Stress-free to use.
  • Gives a perfect crispness to the bread.
  • Lightweight, thus it’s portable.
  • Great for 2 to 3 people’s meal.
  • The plates are nonstick so it’s super easy to clean.

Thumbs down for:

  • You cannot remove the surface grills for cleaning.

3. Hamilton Beach 25475A

best panini maker

Another Hamilton in our list of the best sandwich maker and it is no surprise. Ever wondered how you can grill a fine gourmet Sandwich using an unfussy gadget right in your kitchen?

If you do, then have a look at this panini press as it is able to be the best answer to all your quests. 25475A by Hamilton Beach comes as a mate that thinks of saving you from the hassle of making a breakfast snack in your rush hour.

And it is pretty known that the brand has always thought of the quality of its product more than any other trait. Hence, you can get that how ideal it can be for making a Panini for you.

This panini sandwich maker is small but it has way more value than some traditional ones out there.

The best thing about this little guy is its simplicity. You just have to pick your bread and layer at its fixings. Take a five-minute walk and watch a perfectly assembled Panini make your day.

Moreover, 25475A comes with removable parts that you can claim it to be the highlight of the machine, as it makes your job easier to clean it. And to talk about its durability, well yes, you will find the surface material pretty long-lasting.

And its audible tone indeed is a great trait that calls you to let you know your breakfast is ready. But sadly you can make only one Panini at a time as there is no extra room for two.

And also you have to be careful while touching the machine as it can get hot sometimes. However, another thing that needs to keep in mind is, you need to precook the meat if you plan to make that gourmet Sandwich for you only if you hate to eat it raw.


  • Timer with an audible tone.
  • Silver.
  • Recipes included.

Thumbs up for:

  • Nonstick plates to avoid food sticking.
  • Pretty little to be kept at any place in your kitchen.
  • The audible tone helps to let you know your Panini is ready to serve.
  • Detachable parts are absolutely dishwasher safe.
  • Very easy to clean.

Thumbs down for:

  • One Panini at a time.
  • There is no on and off switch.
  • Can get very hot.
  • If you put some cheese inside, it might melt out.

4. Aicok GT02 Grill

best commercial panini press

Wives happen to go through a lot of hassle when they get to prepare snacks for their families. But now the hassle will get reduced as this GT02 from Aicok will make about 4 large Paninis at once. GT02 is a very celebrated machine for its kind space.

No matter what the size your Paninis come in, its adjustable hinge will adapt the height for you so you can grill anything you want. Just put those patties and buns inside the machine and wait for 3 minutes to let it grill for you.

And its 1200-watt is powerful enough to prove it. The highlighted one is that this guy has the ability to fold itself up to an upright position and this will give you more options to put it in any space for storage.

However, just like most of the products, it too uses a non-stick plate hence it will not stick any food that will be hard to clean.

And to talk more about it, you will find the machine quite simple to clean and since it has a removable drip tray, the cleanup has become even easier. You can also hold the machine through its handles and it will save your hands and arms from hot surfaces.

Yes, the machine indeed becomes hot, and for this, the brand has incorporated such an arrangement for you.

Moreover, you will find an on and off light indicator and there is nothing to explain what job the feature does.


  • 1200 watt power.
  • Non-stick plates.
  • 392℉ temperature.
  • Height-adjustable hinge.
  • It can be folded to an upright position.

Thumbs up for:

  • The height adjustment adapts any sized sandwich to the grill.
  • The machine can be folded easily for storage.
  • The handles protect you from a hot surface.
  • Removable drip tray makes it easy to clean.
  • Cooks evenly.

Thumbs down for:

  • Only two settings of heat.

5. Hamilton Beach 25490A

best rated panini press

If Hamilton Beach 25475A kind of disappoints you for its one-panini-at-a-time trait, then you don’t need to worry as the brand has 25490A for having an extra room to make 2 for you.

So, if you are looking for the best panini maker in a simple design, this can be a very great option!

25490A has about all the similar features as the previous model has. The difference is just it will mark two sandwiches for you. The cooking process is the same, put the bread, use up 5 minutes for other chores, come back and see the sandwiches all cooked up.

But make sure you precook the meat separately as the machine will not cook it well for you. Moreover, it too comes with an audible toned timer so you will get to know that your food is all ready to serve.

And after you are done eating, you can clean the machine with its detachable tray which you will find quite easy to do.


  • Timer with an audible tone.
  • Silver.
  • Recipes included.

Thumbs up for:

  • Can mark 2 Paninis at once.
  • Nonstick plates to avoid food sticking.
  • Fast and easy to use and clean.
  • The audible tone helps to let you know your Panini is ready to serve.

Thumbs down for:

  • There is no power switch.
  • Lacks auto shut off option.
  • The machine is a bit top-heavy.

6. Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler

best panini press

An ideal maker and an ideal friend for your kitchenette can term GR-1 as one of the best sandwich makers from Cuisinart. The product has all the rich qualities that you will love to rush for getting it.

With its 11 by 7-inch plates, the machine seems to be capable of grilling a couple of fine delectable Paninis for you. And they don’t stick the food as the brand has used non-stick coats to avoid that trouble.

Interestingly, no panini press reviews tell us these facts about Cuisinart which is very wrong.

If you think the evil food grease will still be there upsetting you, then no worries, GR-1 provides a drip spout so you can wipe the evil away.

But you must prepare yourself to face all the cheese getting out of the machine, as it could be a bit hassle to clean it after you are done grilling it. Hence, stuffing a lot of cheese can be tempting and troubling at the same time.

However, Cuisinart has designed the model with all the flexibility that you wish it to have, take an adjustable floating hinge into account as it can house any sized sandwiches for you.

To add more, you will also get an additional trait-like indicator light that needs no explanation.

Then there is a preset option for temperature so that it can present you with a crusty relishing result. Pretty much every sandwich maker review will have to have Cuisinart in them to be authentic too.


  • 14.5 by 6.5 by 12 inches.
  • Recipes included.
  • Indicator light.
  • 11 by 7-inch grill plates.
  • Drip spout included.

Thumbs up for:

  • The non-stick coat does not stick to food.
  • Can house Paninis if any size.
  • The temperature for preset.
  • Drip spout for easy cleaning.
  • Grill plates don’t scratch easily.

Thumbs down for:

  • Putting a lot of cheese will end up getting out of the machine.
  • You can find it a bit heavy to carry it.

7. Hamilton Beach 25460A

best grill sandwich maker

Relish the most scrumptious veal Panini with this best sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach. We are super happy to be able to insert this one in our panini press reviews because Hamilton definitely is worth it.

25460A appears to make you forget to step into cafes and restaurants as it has all the qualities to pour the same taste you get outside.

However, as I have stated that the model ensures restaurant-like Paninis so you can get the idea of it being a fine quality product. Moreover, you will not only find it effortless to use but also quite stress-free to clean.

Besides, the brand has built the machine with so many enriched attributes that it stands out from all of its rivals.

Firstly, you can grill any sized Panini you want, no matter what the size is, fat or thin, the unit will sear up the patty evenly for you.

Secondly, it can be folded upright with its locking mechanism so that you can stuff it anywhere for storage.

Thirdly, the 10-inch by 8-inch non-stick grid materials that work to avoid food-sticking so that you don’t have extra effort to clean it.

Moreover, it also offers power and preheats lights so that you can make yourself ready to prepare a fine sandwich for you. And if you are into looks and design then I think, 25460A even scores well enough to impress you.

So, if you are hunting a perfect tool that has simplicity with well-ability to show wonders, then Hamilton Beach 25460A can be the best sandwich maker for you.


  • Café style floating lid.
  • 10-inch by an 8-inch nonstick grid.
  • power and preheat lights.
  • Can be stored upright

Thumbs up for:

  • Capable of grilling any sized Paninis, fat or skinny.
  • Comes with a floating lid that helps in heating the Panini quickly and evenly.
  • Comes with a locking mechanism for storage and easy handling.
  • Grills fast.
  • Nonstick grid, so it’s easy to clean.

Thumbs down for:

  • The cord isn’t enough long.
  • The plates are not detachable.
  • Lacks temperature control panel.
  • Doesn’t have on and off buttons.
  • Not great for toasting.
  • Might burn the bread sometimes.

Things to Consider Before Buying

best panini press

Panini Presses come with tons of qualities that are like the must-haves when you step out to look for one.

Although it could be a little tough to get all of the features in one single Panini and even if you get them, there might be some little doubt roving around your mind about its durability and performance.

However, it is still essential to list up the key factors because this is how you can get yourself a machine that will serve you and impress you.

And for this, here are some of them that I have listed.

Floating Hinge:

The term may sound quite rich and technical to you yet all it does is: to close the Panini grill inflexible height. Through this, you will be able to grill the sandwich no matter what the size is: be it fat or thin, it will be easy to adjust it to the machine.

However, if you wish to grill an open-faced sandwich, set the upper plate to float above the food. And you will know what exactly the Floating Hinge does for cooking.

Adjustable thermostat:

Not all the panini sandwich makers own this feature but if you wish to have an extra trait then I guess it should be an Adjustable thermostat.

This is more like a multi-functional option that provides extra convenience.

To state more about it, an adjustable thermostat basically appears to grill scores of several types of food, not just only Paninis. With this attribute, you can grill chicken, burgers or make whatever you wish to, the thermostat will adjust its temperature from higher to lower.

And it’s pretty obvious how essential this feature can be for cooking. However, 120 degrees to 570 degrees Fahrenheit is the most usual range that you’ll get if you wish to grill your foods easily.

Grill Surface Area:

Albeit some of you might be okay with the Panini Press having smaller grilling surface since it requires lesser room for storage. But, Presses with the bigger grilling surface area are predominantly the finest for people who desire to grill a couple of Paninis at once to serve a family.

Thus, getting a larger or smaller Panini Press entirely banks on the need of the people. To be precise possibly relies on the size of the family as well.


Time is one of the most vital factors whenever you get yourself busy in the kitchen. Nobody wishes to waste any time whenever it comes to cooking something that can appease your stomach.

Hence, this timer trait lets you set the time that you will be needing so you can have more time to do other chores while it homes in on grilling your Panini.


Now is the time when you do not even need to pity yourself for being so petite to reach the handles. Because the manufacturers have started to design the machines in such a way where you can find the handle that will be easier to reach.

So, it is advisable to look for low profile design if you want to make yourself free of all the qualms.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How would you clean the enamel plates?

A: You can clean the enamel plates by using soap with warm water. Besides, using coconut spray or olive oil can also be a good option if you want to grease it.

Q: Can the Panini press grill both sides?

A: Yes, the Panini presser can grill both sides.

Q: What can be the worst trait of a Panini Press?

A: You will find many of the Panini presses that do not feature an on and off switch, so it can be one of the downsides of the machine.

Wrapping up:

Now you no more need to dwell on getting yourself into all the trouble that you might face for grilling a Panini without the use of a machine.

It’s because the best Panini press makes your task so simple that you will definitely get impressed.

However, since I have mentioned the best sandwich makers in this review, so I guess you will be able to decide to grab the one that will match your desire and budget.

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