Top 5 Best Omelette Pan Reviews 2022 (with Buying Guide)

Everyone loves a good, well-prepared, and tasty omelet. Almost all around the world people eat eggs on their breakfast, lunch and even at dinner in forms of these precious rounded shapes.

So, having the Best Omelette Pan will help you prepare the best omelet without a problem, for whatever reason, and at any time.

Because making omelets is not easy, you may try to flip over the pan and end up making a disaster, eventually find the preparation stuck in the surface, or you may even find it pretty annoying to see the pan not cooking the omelet consistently. So clearly you need a good one.

Omelette Pan Reviews

Our Top Picks

Here we’ll talk about the best omelette pan 2021 we have and their top features. The features will help you to understand their specialty and the differences between the top products we have picked.

Best for Tolerating Heat: Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick Pan

This non-stick cookware is made of aluminum and it can tolerate up to 450 degree fahrenheit.


Best for Durability :Tfal E93808 Professional Total Non-Stick Pan

The T-fal titanium non-stick pan is in the market for providing long service service. This trong built pan stands up against rigorous use.


Best French Omelette Pan: TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese

For making the french omelette, easy flipping is required. The unique sloped shape it has allows us easy flipping.


 Best non-stick coating: Nordic Ware Halved Italian Frittata Pan

Most of the omelette pan has non-stick coating but none of them are so smooth like it. Even if you don’t have to take out the omelette from the pan, the omelette will slide down if you hold it in an angle.

Best for Fast and Even heat Transfer: Calphalon Classic Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan

The robust and hard aluminum construction allows fast and even heating, so no matter if you cook two items in this pan, both will get the same heat.

For any of these problems, having the best Pan for Omelette will undoubtedly help you prepare it faster and more easily.

Check out our review– learn more about them and pick the right one for your kitchen needs!

5 Best Omelette Pan Reviews

1. Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick Pan

best pan for omelette

As its name says, the Calphalon offers a contemporary, elegant design for those who look for more than merely excellent results when cooking.

The entire pan is made of top-notch quality materials, and it is durable & resistant enough to last many years delivering tasty omelets without problems.

Specifications and Features

Brand: Calphalon
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Dia: 10 inches
Number of layers: 3
Heat Tolerates up to: 450 degree Fahrenheit
Weight: 2.05 lbs
Dimensions: 18.75 x 10.26 x 2.06 inches

Fantastic Construction

Its primary material is heavy-gauge aluminum, which is thicker than others. On top of that, it comes with a triple-layered design for superior durability and at the same time for a much better non-stick feature.

The handles are made of stainless steel, which offers excellent handling and at the same time great comfort so that you can move your pan freely and without any restraint. They do not get as warm as other materials, including plastic.

Easier to Clean

Thanks to the non-stick feature, cooking your omelets will be more comfortable and much more convenient. You won’t have to spend much effort or time cleaning your pan.

Just a simple wash will be enough with the quality of the layer. And what’s even better, you will need less oil/margarine to grease up when cooking.

Flat Bottom & Sloppy Sides

The times when you make a mess in your kitchen while flipping the omelet over, or when the omelette doesn’t cook up the same way in different places, now are entirely over.

With the flat bottom & sloppy sides, you will obtain a highly convenient design, excellent for both cleanliness when using, and consistent heating effect in the whole bottom surface.

What Customer Says

Customers are very satisfied with the best nontoxic omlette pan. Most of them are so glad that it makes them believe they won’t need any other pan in their lifetime. The highly durable hard-anodized stainless-steel construction made them experience sometimes unique. Furthermore, the 3 layer construction makes it very much durable and the outer layer provides a smooth surface.

Though all in all this is a great pan for omelette making, as there is no lid included with the package it makes us a little bit disappointed.


2. Tfal E93808 Professional Total Non-Stick Pan

Best Omelette Pan

At our number 2, it is undoubtedly a magnificent option for any omelet lover. A pan that is both reliable and useful for its application.

Won’t get sticky, won’t cook your food inconsistently, and won’t become dangerous when using. The T-Fal E93808 is an option not to overlook in any way.

Specifications and Features

Brand: T-fal
Material: Non-stick
Color: Black
Dia: 5 inches
Heat Tolerates up to: 400 degree Fahrenheit
Weight: 2.3 lbs
Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 2.5 inches

Convenient Indicator

Something that makes the T-Fal Professional pan to stand out from the rest is the ability to tell when it is ready, already heated to cook the omelet. Thanks to its Thermo-Spot technology design which shows you with red patterns that the pan reached the perfect temperature.

Finest Interior

When you contemplate the non-stick metal interior of the T-fal, you can immediately find out how quality-oriented it is. The unit is a scratch resistant yet very useful interior for its application, effortless to wash, and outstandingly reliable.

Top-Notch Pan Base

What makes the pan even better than most is the steel-induction base, which helps to cook anything more consistently and evenly – for various types of cooking and at all times.

No matter what you cook, it will help you do it faster and more efficiently.

Convenient Handle

The handle of the T-fal Professional pan is riveted to the base and made of silicone, making them easy to handle and secure.

Plus, it is entirely comfortable even at temperatures over 400º-Fahrenheit.

What Customer Says

The thermo-spot Technology for heat induction makes it one of the best omelette pan for induction. This item is pretty functional and reliable to the customers. Heat tolerating ability is commendable according to the customer’s review. Another thing highly commendable is, this pan is completely dishwasher safe. So no need to buy any specialized cleaner for the pan.

The lack of a lid makes the pan less useful for different types of cooking, making it less versatile and maybe not as convenient as desired.


3. TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese

Best Omelette Pan
TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan

Have you ever tasted the Japanese omelets? Well, this pan is perfect for one of those. However, it is still excellent for an omelet varying from Italian to American and more.

What’s better about this pan is that it can be used for cooking practically anything you want, in a more straightforward, safer and much more convenient way.

Specifications and Features

Material: Aluminum
Color: Aubergine Purple
Size: Medium
Number of layers: 3
Heat Tolerates up to: 450 degree Fahrenheit
Weight: 2.05 lbs
Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches

Outstanding DuPont Coating

The Teflon DuPont coating from the TeChef Tamagoyaki pan is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Regardless of the type of food you want to cook, you will do it without having to deal with stuck preparation, whether it is when preparing or when it comes to cleaning. Also, it is entirely environment-friendly.

Fantastic Construction Materials

With a lead and cadmium-free construction, you get healthier preparations without contaminants. Nonetheless, what makes it stand out is the overall aluminum construction with a stainless steel base for superior heat distribution while cooking.

Unbeatable Design

The design of the Tamagoyaki Pan from TeChef is a wonder entirely, not only because it is excellently distributed with a square shape for a superior cooking application, allowing users to cook practically everything without problems, but also because it is incredibly good looks.

The Aubergine Purple color alongside its sloped-sides design, you get a useful yet glorious pan for your kitchen.

What Customer Says

Perfect for cooking french, Tamagotaki, the Japanese/ korean rolled omelette. The aluminum and stainless steel bottom ensures even heat distribution. Most importantly the sloped shape on the edge helps us easily flipping omelette.

The Dupont Coating is not the best coating out there, regarding durability. The bottom is similar, with a short lifespan due to a lack of layers. Also, the handle of the Pan can get very hot due to its conductive plastic.

4. Calphalon Classic Nonstick

best omelet pan

Offering a 10-inch size and an oval shape, the Calphalon Classic design is a beautiful choice for anyone who wants reliability and perfect size out of the box.

With its two-layer construction for durability & non-sticky facility, alongside the sloped sides and flared edges, it is entirely worth it.

Specifications and Features

Brand: Nordic Ware
Material: Aluminum and Stainless steel handle
Color: Grey
Size: Small
Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 1 x 1 x  inches

Versatile & Reliable Design

Thanks to its 10-inch size, sloped sides, flared edges, and last but not the least, its circular shape. You will be able to cook any food without a problem. For frittatas and omelets, there’s no doubt it will give you fantastic performance.

Exceptional Dual-Layer Interior

The two layers that compound the interior of the Classic pan from Calphalon make it incredibly useful when preparing omelets. It is non-stick but at the same time one of the most durable. The dual-layer will help you clean and cook faster with it, and also, offer you a long lifespan.

Consistent and Even Heating Capacity

Something that an omelet pan needs to have is the capacity to heat the entire bottom evenly for faster & more consistent cooking, leaving everything at the right state without problems.

The hard-anodized aluminum construction of it allows the Calphalon Classic to do just that.

High-Quality Lid

What sets this option apart from others is the lid it comes with. A standard crystal lid which makes it much more convenient than other options, easier to handle, and makes cooking a lot more convenient as well.

What Customer Says

The person, who has used this pan a time, never quits. Very easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. The aluminum construction makes it robust and the hinge side is perfectly designed. The double base design allows the cooker to cook two omelette at a time. It’s kind of unique.

Despite being well-made, the Nordic Ware Frittata pan is slightly uncomfortable to use, especially when closing & opening the lid. And when flipping the omelets over, it can also get cumbersome.

  1. Calphalon 1934149 Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan

Best Omelette Pan

Best Omelette Pan

The Calphalon Classic Omelette Fry Pan is built with medium-gauge hard -anodized aluminum and comes with two layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating. The handle of this Calphalon Classic Fry Pan is 5 and 1/2 inch long.


This fry pan is constructed with a non-stick coating which is completely safe for everyday use. Also you don’t need to season the classic Nonstick 8-inch fry pan before using.


Specifications and Features


Brand: Calphalon
Material: Aluminum
Color: Aubergine Purple
Dia: 8 inchs
Number of layers: 3
Heat Tolerates up to: 450 degree Fahrenheit
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Dimensions: 13.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches


Versatile and Reliable

It comes with gently inclining sides with blazed edges. So it is absolutely ideal for cooking. You can even prepare a two-egg omelette, shrimp etc.


Dual Layer Non-stick

The double layer of the non-stick coating allows easy food flipping as well as release. Also while cleaning the pan, you won;t have to struggle a bit.

Even Heating

This 8 inch non-stick coated pan is constructed with hard Anodized Aluminum. So the construction ensures heavy duty use of it. Also the cast metallic handle stays cool all the time.                                                                                                                                                     

Heat Tolerable

It is capable of tolerating up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. And the heat transfers evenly all around the pan. So you can use it on gas, electric, glass stove tops etc.

What Customer Says

As the pan has robust construction, the costumes used to cook in the best copper omelette pan, now they are all interested in using this pan. Because copper pans are also made for heavy duty, but not as light as this and heat is not even on there. Besides the cast steel handle is the best feature this pan can offer, because it is as strong as cast iron and you won’t feel like the handle is heating up at all.

The frustrating matter is, this pan is not induction safe and it doesn’t allow the dishwasher to clean it.


5. Nordic Ware Halved Italian Frittata Pan

Best Omelette Pan

With a spectacularly versatile design and one of the most durable & reliable constructions, the Nordic Ware Omelette pan is an option not to miss out.

Talking about its overall design and ability to cook more efficiently, you can get the better-looking & tastiest omelets without a problem – and even more than that!

Highly Convenient Design

The Nordic Ware pan is divided into two halves piece together in the middle with great size & shape.

This means that it can be put together to mimic a closed pot, making it much more efficient when cooking and useful for different types of meals.

Excellent Hinge Sides

What’s even better, the design comes with hinge sides to minimize mess & disasters. You will be able to flip the omelet over, make different types of preparations, stir, scramble, and do much more without dispersing food out of the pan.

Handy Aluminum Construction

The whole pan is made of aluminum, which alongside the convenient design will help you achieve a much better cooking result. It cooks more evenly than others and at the same time does it a lot faster.

Perfect Non-Stick Coating

With one of the most versatile designs, the non-stick feature of the Nordic Ware Halved pan is maybe the best nonstick omelette pan.

Despite not having a specific technology or design to avoid sticky meals, the build of this one makes it incredibly useful for more natural cleaning & cooking.


  • Aluminum Build Delivers Better Cooking Results
  • Less Messy Design with Hinge Sides
  • Unique Double-Base Design for Easier Omelet Cooking
  • Highly Efficient Non-Stick Coating Offers Faster Cleaning


Despite being well-made, the Nordic Ware Frittata pan is slightly uncomfortable to use, especially when closing & opening the lid. And when flipping the omelets over, it can also get cumbersome.

Why Buy the Perfect Pan?

Whether you are a chef, a cooking enthusiast, or someone who really likes omelettes, you will find one of these pans a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Because as we know, omelets despite being so famous & tasty, and being a little easier than others foods to prepare, still need the right tools to cook them perfectly.

When considering to buy the good one, it is essential to contemplate three essential factors:

Fast & Simple Cooking

Want a faster & simpler way to cook your omelettes? Well, the best omelette maker offers just that. A quick way to prepare this delicious food without having to waste any of your time or effort.

Simply pour the egg preparation on the pan and let it cook at the right flame (flip when needed) – they will be done faster and more efficiently than in any other pan.

Cleaner & Better Results

Especially when you pick the best nonstick omelette pan, you get excellent results at the moment of flipping the omelet over or simply making the necessary movements when cooking. You won’t make any disaster with the right pan.

Love Omelettes?

If you and your family love eating omelets, then there is no other reason to choose one. Having the chance to cook them faster, simpler, cleaner and more effectively than with any other pan will be reasons enough to buy a product that will help you prepare your omelets much more satisfyingly.

Things to Consider Before Buying

best omelette maker

You may think you already know enough to choose the best pans, yet if you are wrong just in the selection of materials or in the shape of the pan, you may end up picking something that is not even near to what you need.

Here we offer a few recommendations to pick the right pan according to your needs.


There are a few materials for pans to be made of, however, only three will offer the perfect performance while cooking;

  1. Aluminum: Excellent heat conduction, more affordable, lighter and much more durable than other options. Not the most reliable, durable or resistant.
  2. Anodized Aluminum: Much stronger than aluminum, more durable, yet not as affordable and doesn’t have as much heat conduction.
  3. Stainless Steel: The most durable & resistant in the market, anti-scratch, anti-rust, and conducts heat relatively well.

You may also find carbon steel & copper pans, which are less common but much better in heat conduction. Copper, moreover, offers beautiful designs and finishes to the items.

Non-Stick Coatings

The non-stick surface of an omelet pan makes it able to cook different types of things without stuck food, making preparation and cleaning a lot easier. Here, you may find different types of non-stick coatings;

  1. One Layer Coating: The fastest cooking coating, it heats up faster than others, yet it doesn’t last as much as it may wear out more quickly.
  2. Dual-Layer Coating: A dual layer coating is very efficient, and offers both excellent cooking results and speedy Although, it is not as durable as others.
  3. Triple-Layer Coating: Will offer a long-lasting and handy non-stick ability, for superior cleaning and preparation. However, it may last a lot more to preheat due to a thicker coating.
  4. Teflon Coating: Cooks things a lot faster and it is beneficial as a non-stick coating. But when it comes to durability, it falls behind as Teflon wears out more quickly than any other coating material.

Design & Shape

The better the design of the pan, the safer, more comfortable, and much more effective the cooking of an omelet will be. As you consider the different shapes and designs you can choose, you will eventually find out the perfect one for your needs.

Here, you will see many types of shapes & designs, but here are the things you should always consider as more useful:

  • Circular pans are excellent for large omelets & scrambled eggs. Plus, they offer excellent results for a wide variety of other preparations.
  • Semi-circular are excellent as well, yet they are not as versatile. However, some of these options may offer the chance to have two pans at the same time, to cook double or to flip the omelet much more efficiently, g., the Italian frittata pan from Nordic Ware.
  • Rectangular pans are fantastic as well, not just because they offer much more space for cooking but because they let you cook without shaping your omelet unless you occupy the entire surface.
  • Then we have the sides, which you may find sloped, hinged, or curved, all of them with different results. Hinged & sloped sides allow the user to stir and prepare their meals without making a disaster. On the side hand, curved sides allow for more space but are eventually messier.
  • The size is also essential. You may find pans up to 14-inches or more, for larger However, a 6-inch pan is enough for a one-serving meal.


A crucial part of the pan you are going to choose is the handle. Without the proper grip, you won’t only have different experiences when it comes to comfort and handling abilities; you may also have different safety capabilities.

The hotter a handle gets, the more likely it will hurt your hand, and the more likely it will be uncomfortable to handle. For this, make sure to choose something like silicone that doesn’t get too hot when cooking. Stainless steel and hollowed handles are also excellent choices.

Additional Features

Among the many different features, you may have an one we can name the lid which will help to cook more safely and effectively. A double-faced surface is also impressive, like the Nordic Ware which helps to cook two meals at the same time. And of course, any utensil that could help you prepare those omelets will be of great help.

best omelette pan

Let’s Answer Some FAQs

Can I cook any other thing in an Omelette pan?

Of course, choosing the right pan will allow you to cook not only delicious omelets but the most fantastic array of meals including sautéed vegetables, meats, fish, and many other pan-demanding meals. And all of this getting the benefits of a non-stick coating. Here I want to give an article to make a perfect omelet.

Will my pan non-stick coating eventually wear out?

Yes, but very likely it will happen in no less than five years. However, it is all about the type of use and how you use your pan. That’s why it is recommended to use wooden and silicone utensils when working with this type of cookware.

Does non-stick cookware take more time to cook?

Not in general. But as the non-stick layers increase the thickness of the pan, the more layers and better non-stick feature the item has, the more likely it is to last longer in the pre-heating process. However, once the pre-heat process finishes, the pan will cook as fast & efficiently as any other pan.

Final Recommendation & Conclusion

In the end, the right choice is what goes better with your needs when it comes to cooking.

Whether it is an omelet, a piece of meat, a sautéed salad, or whatever – if you want something versatile and reliable for preparing meals with superior comfort, then an omelet pan will undoubtedly give you excellent results.

However, it is important to tell what the Best one.

Considering all of its features, its excellent size & shape, materials, coatings, and overall versatility & convenience, the Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick Pan has the best price/quality range, and at the same, offers a wide array of features.

But there’s no doubt that the Tfal E93808 Professional Pan and the TeChef Tamagoyaki are also excellent choices for whoever wants excellent versatility.

And of course, if you look for something more specific regarding cooking applications, then the Nordic Ware Italian Frittata Pan would be perfect without a doubt, or the Calphalon Classic for its additional crystal lid.

As long as you pick something from our Best Omelette Pan reviews that meet your needs & expectations, you will be making the right choice. So, consider them before buying!

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