Best Crepe Maker Reviews 2022 (Top 5 Latest Picked)

It is not an easy task to get the crepes flavor of Paris in a bakery or a cafe or your home! Is it?

This is because it can be a challenging experience to find the perfect equipment for making the crepes. There are a number of crepe makers and crepe pans, which are available in the market.

And that makes it a pain in the ass to choose the one that is perfect for you, one that you may call the best crepe maker.

best crepe maker

Though crepes might sound and look fancy, they are not as complicated as the pancakes.

However, if you are serious about them, it is extremely important that you own a kitchen pan or an appliance, which has been designed specifically for accommodating the thinness of the crepe. And that makes it a pain in the ass to choose the one that is perfect for you, one that you may call the best crepe maker.  But don’t you worry anymore.  We have come here with the review of the top 6 crepe makers along with a buying guide; to select the best one for you.

Why you should buy?

The reason as to why you should buy a crepe maker is that the crepes are extremely thin. In order to get the perfect crepe, you need to have an appliance that will help you in getting it.

It is true that the crepes can be cooked in any utensils.

But, all the utensils will not help you to get the perfect shape that you are looking for. In this case, it is necessary to purchase one, so that your work becomes easier and much more convenient.

Choosing the right crepe maker can be a tedious task especially when there are so many models available online and offline.

Nonetheless, if you are hoping to get one, you can be assured that the crepe making process will become easy.


Just in case you are in a hurry-

Versatile, easy and quick facilities, includes Batter Spread,  1 year of warranty, 

Versatile with heat levels, includes Batter cup, spreader, spatula, easy cleaning and using facilities 

Cordless central contact, simple set-down and take-off, cool touch handles, skid-resistant feet, handy coat storage 

  • BEST  FOR ADVANCED FEATURES-  Pancake Griddle Machine

Easy to cook, temperature control, non-stick surface, precise temperature control 

Versatile use, Food grade and nonstick surface, simple temperature adjustments and controls, even heat distribution 

Easy cleaning, even heat distribution, versatile, scratch-resistant, sturdiness 

Top 5 Best Crepe Maker Reviews

crepe maker reviews

The crepe maker helps you to make crepes most simply and quickly.  You can make crepes in other pans. But to get the perfect crepe, Crepe Makers are the best. But it is not an easy task to buy the best Crepe maker. As it is extremely important to consider several crepe makers before deciding to purchase a particular one. Again, you have to compare the various features and temperature control of the different models available before purchasing. And we know it is one of the toughest jobs to do.


But don’t you worry. Here we have reviewed 6 top crepe makers to make it easy for you. Are you hesitating whether the reviews are good enough to help you buy? Well, after proper research and analysing customer ratings, we enlisted the products. We also kept constant observation on the

Top graded products on Amazon. We have come up with a total of 6 products, all of which belong to the category of induction, electric, or non-stick.

According to the customer ratings, these 6 are quite trustworthy and durable products.

1. CucinaPro Non-Stick 12”

best electric crepe maker

To our limited wit and research, most of the people use crepe makers for cooking a number of other items like eggs, pancakes, or bacon.

This product is versatile, and you can not only make the perfect and delicate crepes, but you can also make a number of other dishes for your breakfast. That’s why most of the buyer admitted that it is the best electric crepe maker.

The temperature settings can be controlled easily, thereby allowing you to get the perfect results that you were looking forward to.

A recipe guide has been included with this product, which makes it easier for you to cook a few dishes like mushroom crepes and blueberry blintzes.


Material: Aluminum

Item dimension: 14×4.25×15.75 inch

Item weight: .06 lbs

Partaking Features:

  • It comes with 5 temperature settings which can be controlled according to your wishes.
  • The plate is made up of aluminum that is ideal for making bacon, pancakes, and a number of other breakfast.
  • There is a light indicator which will help you to decipher when the plate becomes hot.
  • The product has a rubber foot which helps in providing extra stability.


  • Easy temperature control according to your wish.
  • The light indicator tells the plate has become hot.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the product is easy.
  • Stable and durable rubber feet.


  • The product weighs around 5 pounds, which makes it heavier in comparison to the others. Other than this, the product is perfect for making the crepes, pancakes, or any other delicious breakfast of your choice.

2. Morning Star Pro-13-inch

best crepe maker
Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle

If you want to make delicate blintzes and crepes in a little time, you should be careful when you are selecting your crepe maker.

All the crepe makers do not have a similar function, and that is why you need to consider a number of products before purchasing one.

Fortunately, the Morning Star Pro allows you to make the blintzes and crepes in no time. This product has a diameter of 13 inches, which allows you to make the crepes of large size.

That’s why many people used this maker in their commercial business. And they also said that it’s the best commercial crepe maker they used

You can control the temperature of the product with the help of a temperature dial that your device has. Though it is a crepe maker, it is extremely versatile as you can cook your perfect pancakes and eggs on this.


Material: Stainless Steel

Item dimension: 15.38×15.12×5.38 inch

Item weight  : .01 lbs

Partaking Features:

  • You will get a batter spreader when you purchase this model. The diameter of the surface of Its 13 inches.
  • The temperature dial helps you to control the temperature settings with ease, according to your desires.
  • An inbuilt indicator light helps you to identify when the plate has reached the perfect temperature for cooking your crepes.
  • The plate is nonstick, which means that nothing will stick on the surface. So you don’t have a glitch washing it.


  • Extremely easy cleaning and hassles free.
  • Good for the price point.
  • Efficient temperature Control feature.
  • The light indicator makes work easier.


  • One disadvantage that this product has is that it is heavier in comparison to the other products that are available in the same price range.

3. Salton CM1337best crepe maker

This cordless crepe maker from Salton is one of the crepe perfect maker that has been designed in the perfect manner to cook your breakfast in an easy and nutritious way.

It features a light indicator along with an on or off switch and makes it easier for you to handle the product. You can rest comforted that this product will not slip from your hands in any manner.

The cooking area of this product is 7.5 inches, and it is versatile for cooking tortillas, baked ham, and eggs. Its grid is manufactured from the non-stick material which allows you to clean it easily, as nothing sticks on the surface.

It comes along with a cord that is handy and can be stored easily. You can use this product even if you do not have a huge kitchen space. The machine can be operated easily.


Material: Plastic

Item dimension: 10.3x 16.8x 3.8 inches

Partaking Features:

  • Cooks many delicious breakfasts other than crepes because of the versatility of the product. The plate has a diameter of 7.5 inches.
  • You will get a spatula and a battered tray when you purchase this device.
  • Its touch handles help you to handle the product in an easy and convenient manner. The surface is nonstick, which allows you to clean the device easily.
  • You will get an instruction manual which will provide a number of tips as well as detailed recipes.


  • No need for much butter and oil.
  • Very versatile design.
  • Convenient non-sticky surface.
  • Place-able in any direction according to your convenience.


  • It is true that the product has received many praises from the customers. However, a few of them complained that it takes more time for cooking the crepes.

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4. Pancake Griddle Machine

best crepe maker
Crepe Maker Machine, Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle

If you are wishing for a thing that will help you to make the perfect crepes every time, you should go through the amazing features that this crepe maker has.

It is responsible for preparing the possible crepes in a quick and easy manner. You can not only make crepes, but it can also be used for making a tortilla, chapati, and blintzes.

The unit hoards a large diameter which is perfect for making the French crepes, which are traditional.

When you purchase this product, you will get a recipe cookbook, a wooden spatula, and a batter spreader, which will make your work easier and much more convenient.


Item dimension: 13.43x 12.95x 3.5 inches

Item weight  :3.27 lbs

Partaking Features:

  • It has a perfect temperature control setting, which allows you to understand when your electric plate has reached the temperature for making your crepe.
  • Comes with an indicator light responsible for letting you understand that the device has reached the temperature that you desire.
  • The surface is nonstick and integrates aluminum which helps in the removal of the crepes in a perfect manner.
  • Talking of its design, it is quite small, and hence you can store it anywhere. The diameter of the product is 12 inches.


  • It is lightweight, which makes it portable.
  • Understanding the temperature of the device is easy.
  • Make more than one dish for your breakfast.
  • No extra money spent on the wooden spatula and the batter spreader.


  • One of the major disadvantages of this product is that you cannot make crepes that are more than 12 inches in diameter, because the diameter of the surface of this is 12 inches.

5. Electric iSiLer 12” Electric Nonstick

best crepe maker

You can’t deny the fact that electric utensils make our life easier. The same goes for crepe making. An electric crepe maker turns it easy to make your crepe easily without any hassle. This is the another best electric crepe maker capable of offering instant heating and permits you to cook a delicious breakfast within a few minutes only.

You can be assured that your cooking plate will start getting heated up as soon as the electric power is on.

The large surface of this maker will give you the ideal sizes of the crepes that you want to make. Herein, the heat will be distributed evenly on your crepes, so as to ensure that they are being cooked evenly, and do not become dry or get burnt.

Cooking crepes have never been easier, and this product allows you to cook without worrying about the crepe getting spoiled.


Colour: Silver

Item weight  : 1.1 kg

Wattage: 1080 watts

Voltage: 120 volts


Partaking Features:

  • Holds a high power along with the thermostat control, which allows you to cook your breakfast in a few minutes. The thermostat can be adjusted to make your crepes in the manner you want them to be.
  • The large surface of cooking distributes the heat evenly, ensuring that your crepes are cooked in an even manner.
  • It comes with the overheating protection, which will not allow the temperature to exceed 220 degree Celsius.
  • The intelligent temperature control of this product ensures that your crepe is not dry or gets burnt. It allows cooking steaks, eggs, bacon, pizzas, and some other things.
  • It has been certified to meet the standards of FDA. No more fear of burnt crepes because of the temperature control that this device has.


  • Precise temperature control system.
  • Preserves nutrition while cooking
  • It is safe for use.
  • Cleaning this product is no hassle.
  • It is lightweight, which makes it  easy to carry


  • Customers have stated that they never faced any issues as they used this product. However, if you are looking to make crepes that are more than 12 inches in diameter, this might not be the ideal stock for you.

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  1. Cuisinart 623-24

best crepe makerbest crepe maker

This non-stick crepe maker from one of the famous brands Cuisinart will help you to make the perfect crepes every time.  The material of this product is Aluminum and it has the capacity of 5 litres.



Material: Aluminum

Item dimension: 3.3x 16.5 x10.5  inch

Item weight  :1 lbs


The hard-anodized exterior is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for perfect durability and stability.  The interior is quantum and the cooking surface is reinforced with titanium.

Partaking Features:

  • The titanium surface of the pan provides nonfat cooking and easy cleaning facilities
  • Tapered rim eliminates drip while pouring
  • Oven safe to 500F
  • Stainless steel solid handles stay cool at the stovetop


  • Can withstand up to 500F heat in the oven
  • Provides easy cleanup
  • Very versatile design
  • Sturdiness and durability is impressive


  • Customers have stated that they noticed scratches in the bottom after using the pan for a couple of days.


As you have gone through the review, you have seen that all the manufacturers are different. Some products offer easy cleaning, and some are ideal for fast cooking. Some may offer versatile cooking facilities, or some may have exclusive features.  So, choose one according to your priorities and thank us later!


Why Should You Buy A Crepe Maker?


The reason as to why you should buy a crepe maker is that the crepes are extremely thin. In order to get the perfect crepe, you need to have an appliance that will help you in getting it.

It is true that the crepes can be cooked in any utensils.

But, all the utensils will not help you to get the perfect shape that you are looking for. In this case, it is necessary to purchase one, so that your work becomes easier and much more convenient.

Choosing the right crepe maker can be a tedious task especially when there are so many models available online and offline.

Nonetheless, if you are hoping to get one, you can be assured that the crepe making process will become easy.



You can now consider and compare these five options and the features that they have before you make your final purchase.

If these five don’t seem to help, consider other units based on our buying guide. The task of making a crepe has become very easy with the introduction.

A few models are extremely costly while the others are perfect for your budget. It converts to a more difficult task when you want to make an investment.

Before purchasing the perfect one, you can keep the following things in mind, so that you can make the correct decision.

Plate Size Matters

The most important thing that has to be considered is the size of the plate. You have to determine as to how big you like your crepes. The larger your plate, the more versatile your product will be.

Few models have a plate size of 13 inches, which will allow you to make crepes of the larger size. However, there is one disadvantage of the large size crepe makers, and they take up a lot of space than the smaller models.

It is your responsibility to determine the size of the plate that you want.

How Temperature Control Behaves

You should be utterly careful when you are selecting a model. This is because not all the crepe makers are able to distribute the heat evenly on the cooking plates.

You should look for the temperature control features in which you can understand when your plate is ready for cooking the crepe, or it is capable of cooling down on its own in no time.

Heat adjustment is a must, and you should not overlook this feature.

Gas or Electric, Your Preference!

There are available in both the electric as well as the gas operated versions. It depends on you as to which version you want for your kitchen.

The electric crepe makers are much more energy efficient, and you can carry them when you are traveling.

On the other hand, the gas crepe makers require the natural gas lines or a propane source, and hence they are not portable. Gas crepe makers can heat up faster in comparison to the electric models, thereby allowing you to cook faster.

Hence, it is completely your choice, and you have the freedom to decide which one you want.

Materials It Made of

If you are driving a business, it is apparent that you will want materials which will be durable so that your product can withstand the maximum amount of usage.

In the case of commercial use, you can opt for the perfect one, which has the exterior of stainless steel. For your home or any kind of light duty use, you can opt for the lighter ones that come with plastic frames.

You will get the nonstick griddles with light-duty products that are available in the market. Here, you should be careful and look for all these qualities when you are purchasing your crepe maker so that you do not end up suffering in the long run. All these qualities will ensure that you get the perfect crepe maker for yourself.

Let’s Answer Some Common Questions Asked

1. Is it easy to maintain a crepe maker?

Yes. Most of the models come with nonstick griddles, which ensure that your crepe or your pancake will not stick on the surface. All you have to do is, use a clean cloth for wiping the surfaces.

2. Are crepe makers portable?

Most of the models are portable, provided that they are lightweight. The heavy models cannot be carried when you are traveling.

3. Can I control the temperature on my own?

Yes, you can. The temperature regulators will allow you to do so. Most of the models also have indicators, which will help you to understand that your plate has reached the ideal temperature that is required for cooking.

4. Does heat spread evenly?

In most of the models, the heat spreads evenly, so that your crepe gets cooked evenly and properly, without the nutrients getting destroyed.

Wrapping Up

Different crepe makers have different features. You must conduct your own research before you invest your money on a certain model and go through our reviews.

Once you finish carrying out the research, you can purchase the best crepe maker and make your work easy and simpler.

They are available at various prices, and you can select the ones that perfectly fit your budget.

No matter what crepe maker you are choosing from the above reviews, don’t forget to turn off the power switch after every use. Because we have only one earth to live and save.

So, have you decided which crepe maker is the perfect choice for you?

Hopefully yes. Still, don’t forget to read the buying guide again before purchasing any model.

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