how to remove rust from stainless steel sink

Even though it is stainless, this type of sink also does rust. The condition for it to rust is that it must have corroded. This may make it to rust when it accumulates water.

If you also leave wet objects in the sink such as a pan, iron or even utensils for a long time, it will make the sink rust too.

How then do you remove rust from a stainless sink? What are the things to avoid saving your sink from rusting? To get more information on the same, please go through this article.

How to prevent rust from affecting a stainless sink

What causes the stainless sink to rust even though it is stainless?

The stainless steel sink is not supposed to rust. The coating on its surface is supposed to prevent water from causing the metal inside to rust. When this coating is removed by a way of scratching, then it will rust. This happens when you leave the water to settle on the sink for some time.

The other factor which causes the sink to rust is when you leave wet objects which can rust easily on the sink. If you leave an object like iron ore for a long time, the ore will rust and transfer the rust to the sink. The sink does not directly rust, but the rust is induced by the foreign object. The longer the time the object sits on the sink, the stronger the rust will be.

How to remove rust from a stainless steel sink

What causes the stainless sink to rust even though it is stainless

There are some ways of how to remove the rust. You can use either of the following methods.

By the use of baking soda paste

A small amount of paste coupled with water has the power to remove any form of rust from the sink. Apart from removing the rust, this solution is also ideal for regular washing of the sink. Washing the sink with this solution is a sure way of preventing the rust from affecting the stainless sink.

Apply the paste over the entire sink, putting more emphasis on where the rust is. Leave the paste to settle in the sink for a good amount of time. This will help in breaking or weakening the bonds of the rust. When sufficient time has elapsed, take a clean cloth, dampen it with water and scrub the sink gently. The abrasive cloth will harm the sink; hence its use is not advised. Scrub the sink following the grain of the cloth. Rinse the sink with clean running water until all the solution has been washed away. Take another clean cloth and wipe the sink dry. A dry and clean sink is less likely to have rust.

By the use of vinegar

Vinegar deals with rust at a first instance. For it to work well, you will need to apply vinegar on all the rusty areas of the sink. You may also need to wash all the other utensils likely to cause rust in vinegar. Ensure that vinegar gets to all the places which you need to wash. Whenever you have applied vinegar, leave it to rest for about five minutes before scrubbing the sink. With a clean damp cloth, scrub the sink following the general grain of the cloth.

By the use of lemon juice and baking powder

Make a paste of the two by mixing them in equal proportions. Mix them vigorously to form a strong solution. Apply the resultant solution to the entire sink or the rust spots. Let the solution settle for about ten to fifteen minutes before wiping it off with a dampened clean cloth. Since the solution may not be as strong as vinegar, it may leave behind rust spots. You will, therefore, need to reapply the solution over the rust and leave it to settle for about half an hour. After that time has lapsed, scratch the sink again using a damp cloth. Rinse it with water and wipe out all drops of water in the sink. Where you do not have lemon juice, you can use lime juice instead. It is a good substitute for the former and it performs a good job as well.

By use of the fluid of the lighter

A lighter is normally used to light cigar for smoking. It is also useful in starting smaller fires. The fluid from that small container, otherwise known as a lighter is excellent in removing rust. Pour some little fluid on to a clean cloth to make it damp. Scrub the cloth over the rust gently before rinsing it with water. You are however cautioned never to use lighter fluid near an open flame. The fluid is highly flammable and it catches fire at the slightest chance.

How to prevent rust from affecting a stainless sink

how to remove rust from stainless steel sink

To avoid the problem of having your sink rust all the time, it is better to prevent it from the same. Many ways of preventing are available. They include:

  • Always keep your sink dry.
  • Do not leave dirty utensils in the sink. Wash them as soon as they become dirty, clean the sink and wipe it dry.
  • Remove things such as iron material from the sink. When they rust in the sink, they cause the sink to rust too.
  • Do the regular cleaning of the sink.


There are several methods of cleaning the rust from the stainless sink. You can also prevent the sink from getting rust. Frequent cleaning is needed to keep the sink always clean. Do not use abrasive material when scrubbing the sink since it can damage it. This will expose it to frequent rusting. Keep your stainless sink as dry as possible, always.

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