4 Best Cotton Candy Machine 2022 (Home and Commercial Use)

No one can deny that sweets like cotton candies give us a different kind of elation. And the best part about making cotton candy at home is that you can control the ingredients, flavors, and serving sizes. We like food with sugar because it gives us an undeniable pleasure whenever our taste buds come in contact with these edibles.

There is no doubt that making cotton candy in the machine is enjoyable to watch. Though you can make cotton candies at home without a device, the process is lengthy and requires many tools. But with the best cotton candy machine, you can make it easily at home.

Besides, a commercial cotton candy machine can help you start your own business if you ever wanted, whether from home or the street. Right now, there are versatilities in machine functionalities that can help you to be creative.

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best cotton candy machine

Depending on the budget of a customer, there are several options to choose from. Bear in mind that larger devices would need more than a standard plug. This is particularly important for you if you are going to change locations. If you think of doing a business out of cotton candies, you must get the machine right.

The manufacturers are different, and some may have come with a 1 or 2-year warranty. Some may offer easy cleaning, and some are perfect for providing delicious cotton candy. Some may look the same, but their construction and features don’t match each other.

Are you getting confused about which one you should go for or which type is right for you? Let me help you with my Best cotton candy machine reviews! When you’re purchasing a cotton candy maker, you can select between commercial and consumer/ domestic models. One can make choice based on their need.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at my recommended products and choose one for you and your kids!

BELLA 13572 – Consumer-Type Machine For Home Use With Easy Cleaning

best cotton candy machine

You can confidently say that a product is convenient to use when it possesses the quality of being cleaned with ease and comfort, dishwasher friendly, and lightweight.

The Bella 13572 is not any exception. It may be small compared to the previous products, but it doesn’t come short with great features which customers would absolutely adore. And it is suitable for the novices.

This product runs through electricity with 110V of power, so you would not worry about the power source.

It only weighs 4.6 pounds which makes it an easy-to-carry and portable device. And it can be disassembled quickly and is easy to clean.

Moreover, it works silently so that the noise would not interfere with the party. Above all, it will not make your countertop dirty as the simple metal bowl comes covered with a glass lid.

If you’re going to use a machine for home use or any kind of small event or for your kids, you can easily go with BELLA 13572 . You can use it instantly without any kind of hassle. This one can fit comfortably on a tablespace and does not have wheels or legs. Its wattage is slightly less than that of a cart.

Things I like

Its size and weight make this a handy one. The thing that attracted me is the fact that this cotton candy operates silently. This one is perfect for beginners and quite easy-to-clean.

Things I Don’t Like

It is a bit slow in producing candies. So, I won’t recommend it for gatherings.

6325 Great Northern – Another Compact One For Home Use

best cotton candy machine

If you are looking for a home-use floss sugar machine, look no further than the 6325 Great Northern Popcorn Junior Vortex. The belt-driven performance grade motor and 1685-Watt high-performance heating elements offer excellent output.

You can heat this machine just within 2 minutes. Switching is even more quickly with its front ON-OFF switch. However, to start the process, you will have to wait for another 4 minutes to turn on the booster.

It has got an additional built-in Reset switch. It is a lot easier to take action for safety than using a fuse. Volt display helps a lot to determine the power input.

Its three clamps feature reduces vibration during cotton candy making, which is much less than other picks. Thanks to the additional rubber grommets for the smooth and quiet spin. Additionally, its stainless kettle secures the base, reducing the noise when operating, which is especially great for indoor events.

The power stabilization feature uses the power more efficiently. So, you do not have to worry if it runs for an extended period.

One common problem is that the sugar exposure makes the table messy. That is why you absolutely need the clear dome cover that is sold separately. The long-handled stainless steel scoop offers spillage-free candies.

It takes 30 seconds to yield one cotton candy. Another great thing is that the sugar floss can be poured into this machine while the machine is spinning. So, you can make 1 or 2 cones of a particular flavor and then immediately switch to another flavor.

Things I like

The machine features a dedicated Reset switch that is a lot safer than using a fuse in emergencies. Three pan mounts are covered in rubber that helps to operate very quietly. Power stabilization ensures power efficiency by saving electricity. This also offers quick preheat time. And it comes with two spare ribbon belts as well.

Things I Don’t Like

It takes 2 min to heat and further 4 more minutes to turn on the booster, which can be pretty lengthy compared to another cotton candy maker.

And since it does not have temperature control, you can buy Taylor Precision Products RA17724.

VIVO Pink Electric– Perfect Commercial One With High Speed

best cotton candy machine

There is no need to find table space! This cotton candy cart can roll from room to room!

This delicious cotton candy-making cart is well known to the customers. This one is one of the best commercial cotton candy machines in the market for a variety of good reasons.  The pink color is quite pleasing to the eyes, especially to kids. The electrical machine functions on 110V/60Hz power.

This cotton candy cart can make 2-3 servings of hard cotton candies per minute.

The heat settings are quite handy. While others may take forever just to heat up, this machine would only take 4 to 5 minutes to heat up. So, this commercial cotton candy maker is suitable for birthday parties or celebrations to serve fluffy sugar floss to kids.

The 20″ stainless steel bowl can offer hard candy to floss sugar. However, there is no cover of the bowl and it vibrates when in use. There are a cash storage drawer and a sugar scoop.

The amazing machine can also work through a transformer, so it will no longer be a problem for you to use this when brought overseas.

This machine also can be disassembled for easy cleaning after use. On top of all, the 1-year warranty has got you covered.

Now for the commercial category. This one is appropriate for carnivals or fairs, or birthday parties. The wheels are attached to roll them from location to location (as long as you’re near an electrical outlet). There are storage drawers for keeping sugar cones or other supplies.

Remember, this machine is larger and more expensive. The stainless steel bowl is removable for easy cleaning. If you need a machine for your business or commercial use you can feel free to go with VIVO Pink Electric  (Recommended)

Things I like

This VIVO flossing sugar machine is easy to use, fast, and can cater to people with quality cotton candy per minute. It does not take too much time to heat up. Besides, the machine comes with a stainless steel bowl.

Things I Don’t Like

It doesn’t come with stabilizer mesh and cover, making the work area a mess! You can buy a separate VIVO 20 inch Diameter Clear Bubble Cover Shield

Paragon Classic Floss – Powerful Enough For Commercial Uses

best cotton candy machine

Serving cotton candy in commercial areas is quite challenging. Unlike the home party machines, it requires a lot more power to spin for servings.

If you are looking for a professional-grade commercial cotton candy machine for your business, Paragon 7105100 will be an ideal option. This one may work well for large crowds, but it’s pretty pricey for consumer use.

This super-fast machine features a 1/12 HP motor that spins at 3400 RPMs, producing 200 spun sugar each hour. Its head design is able to make cotton candy simultaneously.

The motor is protected from sugar exposure. This feature contributes largely to extend the durability.

Unlike other machines, it does not use ribbon-style heating elements. This machine uses efficient tubular style heating elements that do not fail and clog like ribbon style heating elements. It is easy to clean and durable too.

For commercial use, you must go with a product that will last longer. Thankfully, this machine has got all-metal construction that ensures extreme durability. Additionally, you will get an aluminum bowl and cabinet with the device.

The device also features heat switches with a variable heat control that will give you complete control over it.

Things I like

Its professional control of motor allows adjusting the heat under any condition. And the motor is protected from sugar exposure which extends the durability. The high-performance head does not clog and is easier to clean. Above all, it can produce a good amount of flossing sugar per hour.

Things I don’t like

The machine tends to produce smoke due to the burned sugar. It sounds a bit loud, which might not be something expected in certain places.

VBENLEM Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

best cotton candy machinebest cotton candy machine

If you are looking for a cotton candy machine for commercial use, VBENLEM brings good news to you. This machine is excellent choice for medium or large parties like birthdays, graduation, carnivals, festivals, and fairs.

This model has come with the most stable design and effective and easy functions. It can produce about seven cotton candies per minute. Even you can get this device as a creative one to provide you with colorful and delicious cotton candy.

The candy-making pan diameter is super large, of 20.5″ diameter. As well as, this device offers a precise control in temperature so you can make the best quality cotton candy in less than one minute. You will get more fuse functions for user safety and a miter display to observe the voltage.

Moreover, a rubber gasket makes this machine stable to produce sugar candy with quick friction. Overall, we get a cotton candy machine as an enjoyable and convenient device.

The dimension of this machine is 21.65 x 21.65 x 17.72 inches, and the net weight is 24.8 pounds. Its construction materials are quite strong, and VBENLEM is made from stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel.

Things I Like:

I like most the food-grade steel pan and stable design with a convenient drawer at the lower part. Besides, the versatile compatibility of this device makes me impressed.

Things I Don’t Like:

This machine has to be kept under control all the time. So, it is time-consuming.

Nostalgia PCM306PK Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia is one of the most attractive machines in the world of cotton candy machines. It is a medium-size countertop device for indoor parties and personal use, and it allows using hard candy and flossy sugar to make delicious and fluffy candy.

This candy machine is designed with a transparent rim that can let you see inside the rim. Besides, this clear rim is good for viewing the candy and works as a protective guard. You will get 2-reuseable cones, one spoon and an extractor head.

Apart from those, the Nostalgia candy machine works quickly and efficiently with flossing sugar and hard candy. The vintage design and suction cup provide better stability.

The dimension is 12.4 x 12.36 x 11.46 inches, and the weight is 5.26 pounds. It is available in two cute colors, white and pink. Due to the durable construction, you can use it over after years.

Things I Like:

I like the easiest operation, vintage design and transparent rim. At the same time, the suction cup function for added stability is amazing.

Things I Don’t Like:

I get this candy machine comparatively slower than another device of the candy machine series.

How to Choose the Best Cotton Candy Maker?

When you plan to purchase either for home or commercial uses, you need to consider several things. The factors are given below:

Consider The Number of People You Would Serve

If you plan to use it for personal purposes or home, a small one would be economical and convenient. If you own a business or arrange a party, then the big ones will be perfect.

Heating Time

The machine needs heat to melt the hard candies and turn them into wispy flossing sugar. Commercial models can heat up within five minutes, like VIVO Pink Electric, while home-dedicated ones may need as much as 10 minutes to heat thoroughly.

Production Speed

This feature is crucial for a large group. Commercial cotton candy machines can offer two to four servings per minute like Clevr Large, while smaller ones may need five minutes to make a single serving.

Safety Measures

Since there is a massive chance of kids gathered around the machine, choose a model with a locking bowl to avoid spillage of melted sugar. Moreover, the tool should come with adequate stability to avoid any vibration and spill-over.

Removable Bowl

The removable bowl offers easier cleanup. You just need to take it to the sink, wash it with warm water and soap.

Additional Items

It would be great if additional items like cone, cover, sugar scoop, stick, drawer, etc. come along with the machine. The Clevr Large has three storage drawers that are convenient for saving cash.

These things play a big part in the cotton candy experience.

Types of Cotton Candy Makers

There have mainly two types of cotton candy makers. These are carts and countertops, and both types are designed for user convenience in different aspects.


Cart is the most common cotton candy machine. It is wheel based and generally used in fairs or carnivals. Cart is easier to transport from one location to another. Most importantly, cart candy makers have drawers for keeping sugar and other supplies. It is easier to clean a cart because of having the removable steel kettle. And these are available in medium to large sizes for several party use.


A Countertop cotton candy machine is also known as a compacted machine. This device has not come with any wheel. But you can easily set it up on your counter or table. But the transportation is a bit tricky. Generally, a countertop candy machine is used for indoor use or personal use. Also, know that the countertop machine is affordable, has fewer wattages, and has no storage for keeping accessories and sugar.


Cotton candy machine is available in varieties of size. For example, a countertop machine comes in small and compact sizes. On the contrary, the cart candy machine comes in a larger size. You can choose a cotton machine as per your installation space.

Construction material and design

Cotton candy machine material is an important factor to consider. Good to know that a cotton candy machine has to bear high temperatures. So, the construction material should be durable and long-lasting. Remember that low quality plastic may melt with high temperatures. That is why it is good to go with a stainless-steel machine. However, you can also use a BPA free plastic material for a cotton candy machine.


Price consideration is an important factor before choosing your favourite one. Usually, you may need to expense $50 to $500 for a cotton candy machine. Note that the card style machine is wheel based and easy to transport, and these are larger and convenient for both home and commercial use. So, it is expensive than a countertop model.

On the other hand, a countertop cotton candy machine is smaller, tricky to transport, and good for home and personal use. And it is affordable than a cart candy machine.

Maintenance of a cotton candy machine

We know the importance of maintaining any device, and a cotton candy machine requires regular maintenance to increase the device’s lifespan.

  • Run the cotton candy machine as you run it for making candy
  • Set up the temperature to remove all sticky sugar from the machine
  • Stop the power supply and let the device cool for sometime
  • Remember to clean the cotton candy machine after each use
  • Use warm water and mild detergent for cleaning this machine
  • Remove stain and scratch properly to prevent permanent stain.
  • Use a soft cotton pad to wipe inside the machine after wash.

How does a cotton candy machine work?

Before knowing the working ways of a cotton candy machine, it is crucial to make sure about some basics. Try to pick up a machine that has a clear control panel. And must read the user manual to know the working process of this device.

  • Start the cotton candy machine and let it warm for five minutes.
  • Read the manual guide to know the ideal time to warm the candy machine
  • Pour the sugar into the spinning unit of the candy machine
  • Now take a stick or cone to wrap up the cotton candy
  • Use some water to clean the candy machine after completing the candy making

Beware of the Common Problems of a Cotton Candy Maker

When you are having cotton candy machines, you need to pay heed to some issues.

  •  If you go for a larger one, it will take space on your countertop.
  • If there is no cover on the bowl, it will make your workspace dirty.
  • The electricity bill may increase if you have a high-power commercial model.
  • The equipment makes noise which can be an issue for some customers.

How to Use Cotton Candy Machine


The cotton candy makers in my review are easy to use. Even a commercial cotton candy machine won’t give you hard times. For making cotton candy, you can use sugar or hard candy, and I am going to describe the steps for the first one.

  1. Firstly, put the lid on if there is any.
  2. Then, pour sugar into the spinner’s head.
  3. When you are ready, turn on the motor switch and the heat switch.
  4. Next, adjust the heat settings according to the user manual once the machine is operating.
  5. After some time, you will notice a nice amount of floss accumulates in the pan.
  6. Finally, take the cone, insert it into the web of floss, and make a nice cotton candy cone.

Note: Don’t forget to wear protective eyeglasses while making cotton candies.


  • Can you put any hard candy to make cotton candy in the machine?

Yes, you can put any hard candy or regular sugar to make cotton candy in a candy machine. However, some special machines can easily melt hard candy and provide soft fluffy cotton candy. And some machine is not so effective to make cotton candy from hard candy.

  • What kind of sugar can you use for cotton candy?

You can use superfine sugar, caster sugar and granulated sugar for cotton candy. Do note that Graded sugar is recommended for cotton candy. At the same time, the combination of brown and white sugar can give you a better result for cotton candy.

  • Can I make cotton candy in different colors?

Yes, you can make cotton candy in different colors when your candy machine is designed to work with granulated sugar. You have to put sugar into a bag. And then mix your favorite food color.

Final Notes

The above procedure is applicable for both commercial and home cotton candy machines for any event. Make sure that you have chosen a premium machine from my reviews and enjoy cotton candy cone in no time.

A great guide to use cotton candy maker properly. Cotton Candy Machine Instructions

Questions to Ask When You Choosing (FAQs)

How to Make Colored Sugar for a Cotton-Candy Machine?

A: You need to put the sugar into a resealable plastic bag and mix 2 to 3 drops of gel food coloring evenly. Add additional color according to your desire and make any event more colorful.

What kind of sugar do I need for a cotton candy machine?

A: It depends on the cotton candy machine. You can use floss sugar, hard candy, superfine sugar, or granulated sugar.

Is there any way to make sugar-free cotton candy?

A: Yes, when your machine can melt hard candy, you can use sugar-free hard candies.

Which is the perfect temperature to transform sugar into floss candy?

A: Usually, 200-220oF is an ideal temperature to transform sugar into floss candy.

How can I preserve the cotton candy from shrinking?

A: If you want to keep the candies soft and fluffy for the longest, just put them in the Ziploc bags.

What is the best cotton candy maker to buy?

A: According to my research, Vivo Pink is the best cotton candy-making machine for commercial use.

Where can I buy a cotton candy machine?

A: You can buy a delicious cotton candy maker from Amazon or a local store nearby and start a cotton candy business right away.

Are cotton candy machines messy?

A: Home cotton candy machines without a domed lid can sometimes get messy as the fine threads can get out of the spinner head.

What candy can you put in a cotton candy machine?

A: You can put solid ones such as Jolly Ranchers, LifeSavers, or break off lollipops and candy canes in a hard candy cotton machine.

Wrapping Up

So, which one is your best cotton candy machine? Always take a glance at the buying guide before choosing one. Keep in mind the caveats to avoid any mishap.

Consider your budget, your target customers, and the length of usage! Enjoy swirling!

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