Desserts and Baked Goods

desserts and baked goods

Multigrain Strawberry Hoecakes

Multigrain Strawberry Hoecakes The evolution of a recipe can be a funny thing. These corncake, hoecakes, griddle cakes, pancakes…whatever you want to call them…were going to have shreds of wilted greens stirred into the batter. That morning though, I opened my crisper drawer to find the kale had evaporated. Apparently we’ve fully transitioned into a […]

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Oats and Pear Wholegrain Muffins

Oats and Pear Wholegrain Muffins

I followed through on my previous day’s intentions and modified a muffin recipe from the book. The recipe of Oats and Pear Wholegrain Muffins makes a hefty twenty four muffins and they are the perfect wholegrain treat to start your day. Like little, portable spiced oatmeals on the go, these muffins are on the denser and

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