Hot Plate Recipes: Tried & Tested

Have you ever taste a dish that is prepared without flame or stove? Not really!

Well, some hot plate recipes are insanely mind-boggling to taste also they take the least prep.

And, more importantly, it is portable so you can use it outside!

When you climb up hundreds of feet go above up the heel, you feel exhausted. You wish to have a McDonalds nearby. Surprisingly, keeping a battery-operated hot plate electric burner will save your hurdle and give you mouthwatering dishes.

Hot Plate Recipes

So What can you cook on a hot plate?  

Hold your breath as we are going to show you 30 hot plate cooking recipes


Who doesn’t want to taste the most regular food Pasta? It takes just a few minutes of heat on your hot plates preparing with tomato sauce, cheese, and water. After a while, mama’s pasta will be served at your table.

Skinny Omelet Recipe:

Making omelet is the fastest way to satiate the cravings and hunger. Thankfully a hot plate is an ideal kitchen appliance where you will prepare skinny Omolet with or without some chilly sauce or other ingredients.

Banana Pancakes:

Banana Pancakes is an easy-going hot plate meal that is easy to prepare on your hot plates. All you need is ripe bananas and a handful of staples, tossed them in the hot plate, prep them shortly, and make your breakfast light but healthy.

Hot Plate Tofu:

If you are one of the Asian Food Enthusiast then you never get bored with Hot Plate Tofu. Bring regular stuff like onion and garlic with mushrooms then throw the boiled egg into it. After seasoning for a while, add chili, additionally mix some veggies too.


The most common & easiest recipe it is and no need to share the hacks how to prepare. Make sure you boil it underwater before prepping.

Chicken Brisket:

The sliced brisket won’t sizzle like in a gas grill, but with some lettuce and tomato flavor, it will bring water to your mouth. It is only a better choice when you are in a hurry but still follow your cravings.

Chicken Quesadillas:

This is another hot-favorite dish that you can easily prepare on your hot plate. All you need to do is to bring chicken and tortilla both on the plate then sizzle them.

Baby Spinach Omelet:

Who doesn’t know the nutrition benefits of spinach omelette ? You will love to toast it with parmesan cheese and a healthy egg. This will amazingly bring flavor altogether.


This recipe comes from Arabian Peniseuala and you can feed your friend right from a hot plate. Additionally, you may need some tomatoes, Garlic, jalapeno, and 4 eggs at least.

Sloppy Joes:

When your mind is swinging which food to eat on a hot plate. Then Sloppy Joes as a spicy food will turn on your taste adding some sauces, spices, and spread peeper once it is prepared.

Shrimp with Pasta:

Well, we have already shared about pasta recipe and now on, we recommend you to add shrimp to it. Then the flavor will be more intensive and healthy to you.

Chicken Parmesan:

If you really want to make Chicken parmesan instead of the oven then it would be more affordable to you without any fuss. Also, a hot plate may serve you a pound of chicken indeed.

Fried Rice:

The most popular and the most common recipe so don’t need to say how to cook this. But we suggest you add some shrimp and mushrooms to make it more delightful.

Peanut Ramen with Cabbage:

Peanut is full of fiber and when you add Cabbage it turns out to be the most nutritious and refreshing dish for you. Surprisingly, you can enjoy the dish cooking with a hot plate.

Tuna Fry:

Who doesn’t want to lick Tuna fish ? Normally we eat them within can but now on, you can fry it right out from your hot plates!

Cuban Sandwich:

Normally, any type of sandwich could be prepared on your hot plate. But when you want something tasty recipe we suggest you bring some meat flavor and garlic that is Cuban Sandwich.

Green Panini:

If you love herbs and spices both then panini is a great meal to have on your hot plate. Additionally, also try some salad with grilled cheese as well.

Grilled Cheese:

Shredded chicken, hot sauce, and cheese are called Grilled Cheese, also you may add with or without buffalo wing.

Mexican Steak Salad:

Are you in a keto diet & restrict your cravings? No worry, Mexican steak salad would be amazing salad staples for you which you will taste in a few moments of prep.

Beef Burgers:

Beef Burgers are filled with nutrition and deliver great taste at the same time. And, surprisingly a great recipe to try on any hot plate but make sure to feature with eggs, beet, and onions.

Roasted Veggies:

Protein and Vitamins are all together and so on you want to prepare it after roasted the chicken add some lettuce, cabbage, carrot, and prepare this wonderful dish.

Macaroni And Cheese:

This is definitely a classic recipe and you need mustard powder, a handful of bacon, nutmeg, and tomatoes. If you season them well, then a hot plate would be an ideal place to cook it.

Crispy Potatoes:

The easiest recipe ever, all you need to do is to boil the potatoes first then cook them using oil, just like you do in the favour of flame.

Tortilla Soup:

There you are with a cup of soup and prepare on the hot plate. To do so fry up the tortilla strips and add some chiles and onions.

Pad Thai:

The hot-favorite dish pad thai is an easy-going dish which you may prepare on any hot plate. Hence, you need to bring peanuts, noodles, and shrimp, season them well and cook them as well.

Broccoli With Chicken:

Boil the Broccoli under hot water first. Separately prepare the chicken and mix when it is done, you may add some mushrooms too.


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