5 Best Shaved Ice Machine Reviews in 2022

Do you drive to a nearby store to enjoy the ice-cool relief of a smoothie or cocktail or do you simply head to your kitchen to make one for yourself?

No doubt, the latter sounds more enjoyable.

There has never been a better time to invest in the best shaved ice machine for home than now. Because no matter if you like it or not, summer worries will never be over until there’s a glass of crisp cool ice to beat it.

shaved ice

But the refreshing treat is not only for summer, but any time of the year!

As the weather continues to get hotter, the thirst for a tantalizing cold drink continues to intensify every day.

Well, it’s just nature at work. When it’s hot, it’s normal to crave for something cold. But how you meet that need also matters.

We’ve searched the market for models available and come up with a list of the top shaved ice machine to save you a lifetime of worry and make sure you don’t spend your money on the wrong stock.

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

Best shaved ice machine

Costzone Electric (Best for Commercial)

  • Suitable for professional/commercial use
  • Blade adjuster to adjust the ice texture
  • Highly efficient
  • Large capacity and entrance

Top 5 Best Shaved Ice Machine Reviews

best shaved ice machine

While there are many benefits to enjoy from owning your own snow cone maker or ice shaver, finding the right product can be a little overwhelming considering the huge number of models in the market.

Fortuitously, you don’t have to worry about that because we’ve got you covered. Below is our list of the best snow cone machines.

Feel free to peruse the list and pick a model to enjoy refreshing, tasty ice all year round.

1.Best Pick- Little Snowie 2 

Best shaved ice machine

If you’re serious about the home shaved ice machine and need a product that will meet your needs in an incredible way, then the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver is the way to go.

This product is one of the ideal pieces of equipment to invest in when you’re looking for the perfect shaved ice machine for your home.

It is not surprising considering what brand it comes from. Snowie LLC has been in the business of making commercial ice shavers, and over time they’ve emerged as major industry leaders.

The Little Snowie 2 is just one of their top-end ice machines that is undeniably worth every penny you spend on it.

Equipped with a powerful high-speed motor and hardened stainless steel blades, this device can provide you with quality fluffy shaved ice in as little as 3 seconds with you doing practically nothing.

All you have to do is to turn on the machine and then watch it do the rest for you. To further guarantee its quality for domestic use, this unit comes with a patent by Snowie LLC. So the ice it delivers is entirely safe for consumption even for toddlers.

Thanks to its convenient size, it only takes little space. You will also be impressed by its lightweight, which makes it easy to carry from your kitchen to your backyard, office or any other locations you need to refresh yourself and a few people around with wonderful tasty ice drinks.

Luckily, this unit uses standard-sized ice cubes, which saves you the stress and time of making special ones.

More so, you can use different types of cup sizes though I personally recommend using larger cups to avoid making a mess.

The one problem with this item is that it’s a bit pricey, especially when compared to similar models in its category. But notwithstanding, the high price tag is not without a reason.

Except you’re on a budget, we recommend this unit as you will find it worth all the dimes spent on it.


  • Superfast speed
  • Convenient size
  • Highly portable
  • Uses any sort of ice
  • Comes with many useful extras


  • Expensive piece
  • A little noisy

2. Best Budget- Hawaiian S900A 

Best shaved ice machine

If you’re looking for a handy way to make shaved ice and snowballs from home, then the Hawaiin S900A will be your best hawaiian shaved ice machine.

This one made from Hawaiian comes with everything required to prepare your own homemade shaved ice in less time without putting a lot of effort.

It comes with a lot of exciting add-ons such as spoon straws, snow cone cups, black bottle pourers, and ice molds.

One thing many users were very quick to notice about this appliance is its simplicity. In other words, this model is not only doing great in the market for producing homemade ice, but also the simplest.

It makes use of ice blocks or cubes to provide you with uniformly shaved ice for your refreshment.

Although this unit delivers professional-quality snow, we do not recommend it for commercial use. Also, you must not use it for more than two minutes.

So if you are looking for a machine that can meet heavy demand for ice cone, we advise considering other models on the list.

However, if you want an ice machine that can conveniently fit into your kitchen and help you make wonderful tasty treats, then the Little Snowie 2 is for you.

You will be impressed with its beautiful countertop design and quick disassembling for more easy storage. The unit also comes with two ice molds for your freezing ice blocks.

Overall, this device is in best seller in its category, so it will definitely make a value buy if you decide to buy.


  • Lightweight carry
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very affordable
  • Highly portable
  • Durable construction
  • Made with BPA free plastic


  • A little noisy operation
  • Not suitable for commercial applications

3. Best For Commercial- Costzon Electric

Best shaved ice machine

If you’re looking for the best fluffy shaved ice machine for your parties and events, then you might want to consider this electric ice shaver machine.

Thanks to its large capacity, this model provides you with shaved ice in very little time, without taking much of the space in your home or anywhere you choose to use it. This machine is one of the top-rated currently available in the market specially designed for commercial applications. why most of the owner called it’s the best commercial shaved ice machine.

The first thing you will mark about the Costzon Electric Ice Shaver Machine is that it’s a little bit costly than most top-end models used in the home, but this is for a good reason.

Like other models on this list, this machine comes with a secure ON/OFF feature that makes it safe and easy to use. Even if you get your hands wet, you can still turn the switch.

To ensure easy maintenance, a drain hole is located in the ice reservoir to enable you to get rid of any water that resides in the device after use.

In addition to its secure switch, this machine comes with a large protective top lid to keep the ice inside the reservoir clean and stable while in operation. The large entrance also makes it possible for you to add much ice in one instance, which in turn leads to more production.

To further guarantee your safety during operation, the machine immediately stops working when you open the lid to add ice. Interestingly, this machine comes with a productivity rating that is up to 264 pounds per hour, which is very rare.

Now you know why the model is on the pricey side, and it’s one of the most preferred choices for events and parties where a lot of snow cones and shaved ice are needed for smoothies, slushies, and other nice cold drinks.

It’s not only efficient but also fast; so you can look forward to enjoying your sweets earlier than expected. More so, you get to adjust the ice texture depending on your needs. Again, not many ice shavers can do this.

To wrap it up, this product is perfect for professional and commercial use and will definitely good for a great investment. That’s why I must say you can use this one as a commercial shaved ice machine too.


  • Suitable for professional/commercial use
  • Blade adjuster to adjust the ice texture
  • Highly efficient
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Large capacity and entrance


  • A bit pricier than others

4. Best For Parties- Nostalgia Retro

best snow cone machine

At number six, the Retro series from Nostalgia offers beautiful options that can help your craving for perfect and refreshing snow, whatever the occasion may be.

The Nostalgia RSM602 Retro is one of the best snow cone machine options in the line-up that can bring joy and satisfaction to your family, guest or customers whenever they desire a cool snow drink.

To enjoy any delicious frozen treat of your choice, just feed the machine with some ice cubes and your favorite syrup. Then watch it do the rest of the work. You will be amazed by how this powerful model transforms your ice cubes into a refreshing flavored snow cone.

This way, you can prepare other tasty treats like yogurt snow and smoothies, and never run out of options when treating your guests to cold drinks.

The unit also comes with a highly efficient plate that makes it powerful. It delivers your snow cones in a matter of minutes.

You will also be impressed by the appearance of this model. With its retro-style design, you will agree that this machine is definitely one of the good-looking machines currently available in the market for home use.

Interestingly, it also fits perfectly for parties, barbecues and other special events where a lot of ice will be likely needed.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Classic retro design (largely adored by kids)
  • Made with BPA free plastic


  • Uses 110V only
  • Plastic top handle

5. ZENY Industrial

Best shaved ice machine

Finding an ice shaver that can help you prepare homemade crisp, ice drinks and also serve for your snow cone making business can be a little difficult. This is why models like the ZENY Ice Shaver are precious.

It comes with quality stainless steel construction which makes it highly durable, tough and most suitable for any heavy task that involves ice shaving.

Though it’s specifically designed for business and industrial use, you can also use it for your special events especially if you plan to host a lot of guests and want to delivers a large amount of ice in little time.

ZENY’s Commercial Industrial Ice Shaver can produce up to 440 pounds of shaved ice in one hour. Amazing, right?

The major reason behind the high efficiency of this machine is due to its sharp blade which rotates at a speed of 2500 runs in just one minute.

This is why it’s perfect for snack bars, restaurants, fast-food stores, banquets and other applications that demand a lot of ice.

In other words, it is the ideal machine if you want to go for whenever you need a lot of ice, especially for parties. Interestingly, the ice produced by this powerful machine has a “snow-like” texture.

All you need to do is adding your fruit toppings or syrup to it with condensed milk, and you’re ready to enjoy your sweet.

Also, to guarantee the safe operation of the device, its ON/OFF switch is shielded with a waterproof cover. As a whole, this ice machine is highly reliable and energy-saving.

And given all it does, the price is simply a takeaway.


  • Very affordable price
  • Highly efficient and energy saving
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Superfast operation


  • Weighs a bit heavy

MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

Best shaved ice machineBest shaved ice machine

Do you need a portable and compacted size mini machine? Let’s introduce with MANBA ice shaver that is also compatible with a snow cone. It is as cute to see as making shaved ice with a premium quality blade is efficient.

You will use this machine for a long time because of the premium 18/8 Stainless Steel Blades construction. Besides, this steel construction is rust preventing and sharp to make shaved ice quickly.

This mini device is specially designed for personal use and outdoor campaign. Also, note that MANBA can operate without electricity. And it comes with easy accessibility, carrying and storing.

Fortunately, you will get a flexible silicone ice cube tray with this machine. This tray can store 15-pieces of ice for outdoor use, office party or personal travel.

A 1 x Ice Crusher, 1 x Ice Cube Mold are included with this machine. The ice crusher is highly efficient to make fluffy ice like snow. Moreover, this machine offers to make snow cones.

We especially love its precise cutting blades performance. It is faster and effective for ice crushing than any other traditional ice shaving machine.

The overall dimension of the MANBA ice machine is 7.28 x 5.1 x 7.87 inches, and the weight is 1.76 pounds. And the outlook of this device is elegant with a green and white combination.


  • Sharp blades offer long-lasting durability and precise crushing
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Blade material can prevent rust efficiently
  • It is easy to use, clean and maintain by a child, adult and elderly.
  • Extremely compacted size and electricity-free operating system
  • Included a free tray that can store 15-pieces ice


  • The ice cube tray is made of low-quality plastic
  • A plastic-like flavor may be mixed with shaved ice at the beginning of use.

Why You Need the Perfect Machine In Your Kitchen?

A snow cone machine allows you to skip the old-fashioned method of preparing shaved ice using a knife or scraper or another large chunk of ice, which is not only stressful but often hurts.

Thanks to the shaved ice machine! It is now possible to serve your own snow cones, slushies or smoothie, whether for your own enjoyment, your kid’s party or even your snow cone business.

Without your own machine, you would probably need to purchase shaved ice anytime you want to enjoy a cool drink. The last time I checked, most shaved ice cost me around $3, which can turn out to be a lot of money when you have a huge demand.

However, when you decide to make your own shaved ice, you only get to pay 20 cents and a little of your time for the same wonderful treat. Now, tell me which one sounds more reasonable?

There are many things you can enjoy when you have your own ice machine for home use – fun dessert, delicious cocktails, barbeque, and a host of others.

You can actually create your own recipes, set a staycation or even earn some extra income for yourself.

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Factors to Consider While Shopping

When shopping for any product online, it’s always a good idea to look out for a few key things, so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.

Here are the most important factors to consider in order to buy the great product for your money.

Size of the Machine

Fitting a new appliance in your kitchen can be terribly difficult if you don’t have enough space. This is why you also need to pay attention to the size when buying a shaved ice machine.

Sometimes a model will be good but might too large to store in your kitchen. Except you intend to use the machine in another location, it is usually advisable to go for something smaller.

There’s no point buying a particular ice shaver if you think storage will be a problem.

There are many small, efficient units; there are also large ones. So make sure you’ve resolved the amount of space you have for storage, then pay attention to the dimension of the product you have in mind.

Ice Shape

There are basically three kinds of shaved ice machines you will find in the market – those that accept blocked ice, those that accept cube ice, and those that allow both blocked and cube ice. Each of these machines has its own upsides and maybe downsides.

For instance, machines that use block ice usually produce shaved ice that has the best quality. In other words, the ice produced by these units is much finer and more consistent.

However, you need to freeze the ice blocks in advance, which might always be convenient especially when the model you’re using doesn’t come with molds.

Ice machines that accept cubed ice are usually faster and much easier to refill than blocked ice models.

We advise purchasing a machine that uses both ice cubes and blocks.

Quality Matters

Though it’s always a good idea to buy an appliance that looks great, but that should be a secondary concern. When it comes to the quality shaved ice machine for business, you have to put more stock on quality. And this is usually connected to efficiency and durability.

There’s no point buying a cute ice shaver today if it’s going to be piled up the next month. Instead, you want to buy a machine that not only performs well but can last you a while.

This is why you need to have proper awareness of the materials and features of any product before putting out your money for it.

We personally advise buying the one which are made from flimsy plastic as they usually break easily.

Thankfully, there are still a few products that rate well about both appearance and usefulness.

Operation Speed

Another factor you have to consider when shopping for the best cone maker or ice shaver is shaving speed. This normally depends on the amount of ice you need from the machine.

If you plan to make ice for just yourself, then a low to moderate speed machine will do. However, if you envisage a high demand for ice such as when you have kids and friends around, or you’re hosting a special event, then you probably want to buy an ice shaver with a high capacity.

After all, you don’t want anyone feeling hot and unhappy.

Also, if you plan to use the snow cone maker for business or any commercial application, it’s essential that it has a high shaving speed.

Ease Of Use:

Easy accessibility is expected for any home appliance. So, it is important to consider the ease of use of your ice shaving machine. Make sure about the ice machine user access if it is convenient to you.

It is recommended to choose a machine that can make ice cream without any hassle. Good to know that, cube snow cones are better than a block snow cones machine. Remember that your ice shaver should be easy to control, clean and maintain.

Safety function

As an electric device, an ice shaver should come with enough safety for the user. The ideal sorbet shaver machine comes with a waterproof shield that prevents electric hazards. Besides, an automatic shut off system is important for user safety. Also, remember to buy an ice maker with a rubber skid-based foot.

Included accessories

There are several types of accessories that come with an ice machine. The manufacturer provides accessories to make your expense worth it. It is good to look for an ice shaved machine with multiple accessories. You can get cone cups, straws, and ice syrups to make ice directly from the machine.


It is important to have a good warranty because it gives loyalty to the customers. You can recover any faults of your ice shaved machine within a specific time. Although most of the brand offers a one-year limited warranty, it should be longer for the expensive machine.

Types Of Shaved Ice Machines

Everyone likes to get the preferred ice shape from the shaved machine. But notice machines can make multiple ice shapes, which is why there are two types of ice machines.

Cube ice shaver

Cube ice shaver is a commonly used ice machine available in any store, and it makes slightly granulated and thinner ice. Besides, a crystal ice shaver is convenient to use than a block ice shaver.

Block ice shaver

Block ice shaver is a less used ice machine that is not available in the local shop. So, you can buy it from an online store. This shaver is a bit expensive but works efficiently to make smoother and precise ice making.

Cleaning and maintenance of shaved ice machine

Since the ice machine is only used for shaved ice, so it doesn’t get dirty. That is why cleaning is not so crucial. But this device may get rust because of regular water touch. So, carefulness is important to keep this machine dry after each use.

Wipe all easy to reach parts carefully with a soft and dry cloth. And open the hopper for sometimes to dry properly. Although the blades can be long-lasting over the years, regular checkup for blade damage is important.

Shaved Ice vs Crushed Ice

Usually, shaved ice and crushed ice are known as similar, but there have significant differences. A powerful blender is required to make ice crush, and on the contrary, you can make shaved ice with an ice machine.

When you drink margaritas, cocktails, sodas and other beverages, crushed ice is important. On the other hand, shaved ice is soft and fluffy and easily melt into your mouth. Shaved ice is used with snow cones, bingsu, and Hawaiian.


  • What accessories are required to make shaved ice?

Ice and snow cones and syrup with flavor are the main ingredients to make shaved ice. However, having some straws, spoons and snow cones can make your shaved ice more aesthetic. If you want to make your shaved ice more appealing, then keep some ice molds.

  • Is it possible to store shaved ice?

You can store shaved ice, but it will lose the quality of shaved ice. It is good to use your shaved ice as soon as possible because it is quickly melting. If you try to store it in a deep fridge, then it will stick together.

  • Is Shaved Ice Unhealthy?

There is nothing special ingredients in shaved ice except water. So, it is not unhealthy for you. But some shaved ice is bad for kids and adults because there has excess sugar. For this, it is recommended to use sugar carefully. At the same time, the excess cold of shaved ice could be harmful to teeth and nerves.

My Personal Choice for The Best shaved ice maker

It was pretty tricky for me to pick out the best one. After some consideration, I eventually decided to stick with the Little Snowie 2.

My decision was mainly based on the great extras it offered as well as its versatility. And since am mostly concerned about home use, I didn’t consider larger options. So it’s obvious my decision was a little biased. LOL.

Anyway, I find virtually every item on the list potential It’s entirely up to how much ice you want and other add-ons you are looking for.

Though for me, it was the Little Snowie 2, for you it could be the Hawaiian S900A or Nostalgia RSM602 .


There you have it – the best shaved ice machine reviews.

Choose the model that meets your needs and enjoy desserts all around with some ice and flavoring.

Prepare your own delicious ice cones and stop wasting money buying outside.

Make sure your family is never deprived of healthy cool treats.

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