Vertical Vs Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder | Which One Do You Prefer?

At the very beginning, a discussion on toilet paper holders may sound really ridiculous but it’s one of the most common topics on the internet. Though it may sound like a silly issue, choosing the perfect one will ensure a comfy experience in the toilet indeed. On the contrary, If the tissue paper is hard to reach; then it may lead to uneasy & nasty consequences. I bet you already got some goosebumps thinking about it.

That’s why every homeowner should be concerned about this detail, while decorating or renovating their washroom. I bet that concern has dragged you towards our content. So, vertical Vs Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder: Which One is more preferable?

Among these two; front facing horizontal toilet paper holders are the most common & easily accessible one. However, many individuals prefer back facing holders as well for specific circumstances. On the contrary, the vertical holders bring a totally different & premium look in the washroom. 

In this content we have held a detailed discussion on different types of tissue paper holders along with their pros & cons. So; stay tuned till the end & renovate your washroom with the best designs.

Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder: Which Direction Should Toilet Paper Holder Face? 

Horizontal placement of the tissue paper holder basically refers to an arrangement where the tissue roll can lie on a long way spindle. It either can be faced towards the user or it can face the wall instead. Around 70% individuals go for the front facing horizontal (over the roll) set up as it is more convenient. Actually both parties have their own logic. So, let’s check them out first!

Front Facing Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder: 

Most individuals feel that the front facing horizontal set up of the toilet paper holder is more eye pleasing & aesthetic. Many professional renovators have commented that tissue paper manufacturers intend the tissue to roll in front direction as well.

Obviously life becomes comfier and easy with front facing holders. You won’t have any struggle to reach toilet paper. Back facing rolls are mostly uncomfortable as a user has to lift his butt up from the seat which may result in unwanted leakage.

When the tissue is too tight pressed against the wall, the user may end up barking his knuckle. Moreover, on the wall there can be some unwanted bug you would like to avoid as well.

That’s why, keeping the tissue close by with a loose leading edge is definitely a sensible & convenient choice.


  • Easy accessibility.
  • Highly safe.
  • It offers better hygiene.


  • Spinning the roll is super easy even for toddlers or cats.

Back Facing Rolls:

Back Facing Rolls are not so popular but they really have some real time benefits in special circumstances especially if you own a cat. This issue is also termed as ‘Cat/ infant problem’. In the front facing/over roll design, there is less friction while spinning the roll. So, cats can easily roll out the tissue paper just by pawing downwards.

In the back facing under roll design, the spinning of the roll remains under control due to the high friction of the tissue against the wall. Moreover the tissue edge is tucked beneath & pulling it out Is too much of a work for an infant or a cat. So, you can rest assured & go for this design.

Another benefit of back facing roll is – they are easy to tear. As the tissue is pressed tightly against the wall, a user can easily rip the paper out without any further twist or flick. It may not be the case for everyone but most of the users have a hard time tearing & flicking tissue paper from the over roll holder.


  • It prevents the cat from spinning the roll out.
  • Easy to tear.


  • It’s comparatively hard to access.

Do Vertical Toilet Paper Holders Work? 

Now let’s check out a different scenario as it’s not mandatory to place the tissue roll holder horizontally. A user can go for an aesthetic vertical holder as well. If two people have conflict between ‘over the top’ & ‘undered roll’, they can go for a whole new vertical style. Yes, it really works!

Just place the roll on the vertical holder and let the roll spin either left or right as per convenience. I believe now this left or right rotation won’t trigger your OCD.

The only downside of the vertical placement is – they can’t totally support themselves. Like a vertical towel hanger, it would be best if vertical tissue paper holders were featured with a ‘Convenience rod’ for an ease of tearing.


  • Aesthetic looks & new style.
  • Easy to access.


  • Relatively hard to tear.

Vertical Vs Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder: Which One Is More Preferable?

‘Vertical Vs Horizontal Toilet Paper holder’ – among these two I personally prefer front faced horizontal ones as they are simple yet convenient. For a change of pace; placing a vertical holder will also be a nice choice. That’s because both of these designs offer a better access to the toilet paper while your butt is placed on the toilet pan.

If you have special circumstances like ‘Cat or infant issue’ then confidently go for the back faced horizontal holders. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Does it matter which way you hang the toilet paper? 

Yes; it’s really an essential point to be concerned about if you want the washroom experience to be safe & comfy. The toilet paper should hang in a way that it is easy to reach. So, you can prevent nasty consequences like leakage. That’s why most people will go for a front facing horizontal toilet paper holder. The vertical design is relatively more accessible than the back facing horizontal holders as well.

Which way should an open toilet paper holder face?

The direction of the toilet paper holder is totally a personal preference. However the front facing design is more convenient & comfortable to use indeed. However if you have a baby or cat at home, then it would be best to choose a back facing toilet paper holder. As the tiisue’s edge will be pressed against the wall in this design, cats or children won’t be able to roll out the toilet paper easily.

What is the standard placement of a Toilet paper holder?

Both the vertical & horizontal designs are pretty cool & aesthetic. Overall the front facing horizontal design is the most common one. You can also go for the easily accessible vertical design for a change. Install the holder around 8″ to 12″ above the toilet bowl. The most preferred height for adults is around 26″ from the toilet floor.

Final Words

Choosing the best style among vertical and horizontal tissue paper holders is certainly not easy. Once you make a wrong choice, you will end up cursing the renovator for the next 2 to 3 years. I bet that’s why you were concerned about ‘Vertical Vs Horizontal Toilet Paper holder’. 

After going through our detailed comparison and discussions, I believe you can guess which style will suit your washroom the most. Actually all of these styles are pretty functional depending on their needs. So, be wise & choose the perfect one now!

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