Toilet Paper Holder Left or Right | Where is the right place for put that?

When installing the toilet paper holder, consider where it will be most convenient for the user. It is an essential feature of the bathroom, enhancing the well-being and comfort of its users.

But when it comes to customers, the common question is which toilet paper holder left or right is better? The basic answer is 8-12 inches from the toilet. Use 8 to 9 inches for toddlers and 10 to 12 inches for people who are medium to tall.

Holders for toilet paper should be 26 inches above the ground. We’ll go through the answer to this question in the following paragraphs.

Where Do Toilet Paper Holder Left or Right Go in a Bathroom?

A wall-mounted toilet paper holder’s optimal toilet paper location is 26 inches above the floor. There are many complex considerations to make while constructing or remodeling a property. 

Even the most confident builders get confused when faced with hundreds of possibilities. Although the location of the toilet paper holder is not critical, it must be at a convenient height for individuals using the bathroom. Among the factors to look for are given below:


The top holder height is the most critical factor in establishing the proper height for a toilet paper holder. Consider changing the size of the stand if the pot is very high or low. Ideally, it would be best to put the toilet paper holder at a convenient height for individuals who use the restroom, around an inch or two above the toilet seat.

Toilets are typically 35 cm high from the floor to their basins. Including the seat, this measures typically 38 cm. Holders should be 41–44 cm from the floor in this layout. If the toilet is a standard size, anybody using the bathroom will have no problem using it.

Adjacent to the toilet

Install the toilet paper holder too close to toilet and make sure it is at an appropriate height. It may not be a huge thing if you have to reach the toilet paper, but having to do so is a pain. If the toilet is in the middle of the bathroom and there is no wall to put the permanent support on, consider getting movable support to keep it near the bathroom. Toilet paper should be held at 41-44 cm above the floor, the same as permanent supports.


There isn’t a set standard for the manufacture of toilet paper holders. Each has its unique style and color. But it’s better to use a more sanitary soft-type peel that comes on a roll. 

A smooth roll and proper fitting are essential for this position. If this is the case, it is preferable to switch to broader or floor support with no sides since the roll size is not constrained.

How to put up a toilet paper holder?

Step 1: Measure

Having the correct dimensions for the toilet paper holder will help the job smoothly. A toilet paper holder should be 26 inches from the floor, allowing anybody to take a break on the toilet without the roll falling.

Step 2: Use a Level to help.

If you want to make sure the brackets are level, you can fix that with the help of a level. You can generally find a template on the side of the toilet paper box. You can tape this to the wall with painter’s tape; you change it to fit your needs. 

Draw a line that is the length of the toilet paper holder without a template. Then, make sure this is level.

To check whether the toilet paper holder is level, place the hand on one of the brackets on the left side of the toilet. Mark the wall with a pencil through the bracket’s holes.

Step 3: Hole Drilling

It is a simple procedure that is an important step.

Begin by drilling holes straight through the pencil lines you made. Tap wall anchors into the drywall if you need to secure the toilet paper. Then the brackets will stay in place.

When drilling, make sure your holes are level. If necessary, make the necessary adjustments.

The ideal way to install your toilet paper holder is to drill into a screw.

Step 4: Screw the Brackets 

Install the brackets that you measured earlier. Place the left bracket on the wall. Make sure the arrows are pointing upwards on your drill marks.

Install the first bracket by tightening the screw counterclockwise. Then do the other bracket too with the same procedure.

Step 5: Take a Slip-and-Slide

Finally, put a roll of toilet paper on the holder. You’ll often have to snap this in place since it’s spring-loaded.

It is necessary to press the roll against the wall to secure it in a pivot-style toilet paper holder. Finally, push the mounting bracket firmly into place.

What Side Of The Toilet Should The Toilet Paper Holder Be On?

While most people prefer to use their right hand to reach the other side of their body, righties are more likely to do so. The dispenser on the right side will make it more challenging to reach.

How High Should Toilet Paper Holder Be?

The toilet paper holder should be 8-12 inches away. Use 8 to 9 inches for youngsters and 10 to 12 inches for adults. The distance between a toilet paper holder and the floor should be 26 inches.


A bathroom is not the same in every home. Some are big, and some are very small, which means that the toilet paper holder will not always be in the same place. If you don’t want the toilet paper holder to be too low, there is an ideal height at which to put it. That way, people who go to the bathroom can go and finish up quickly. 

And this article about toilet paper holders left or right will help you understand your choices for bathroom toilet paper holders and where to put them.

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