12 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

Happy Kitchen Remodel :
A kitchen is more than just a room dedicated for cooking activities and having your meals. However, after a certain period of time, you may feel bored of your kitchen of feel that the design is growing old and you should try to remodel it like the fancy ones you see at other people’s houses.

But the problem is, many people spend a huge sum of money while re-modeling their which gets them nothing but to regret their decision.

So, today we’re going to share with you 12 tips which you should use for a happy kitchen remodel without wasting money on things that are not needed. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

12 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

Watch out for floor gaps

Mostly, people tend to change the existing cabinets whenever they are re-modeling their kitchen styles. This gives a good overall look. However, people don’t usually change flooring that often.

The old flooring with new cabinets sometimes leaves a gap between the flooring and the cabinets, which comes out as a really big problem and gets harder to deal with once the cabinets are installed. So, watch out for this and get the appropriate size of cabinets.

Microwave height

Installing the microwave at an appropriate height is always realized by people pretty late when there is nothing that can be done about it, and they do nothing but wait till they do the re-modeling again.

So, keep this in mind and install it on a level suitable for your house depending upon how many adults and children your home has.

Leave space for a bigger fridge

People do not usually change their refrigerators whenever they remake their old kitchens.

However, at some point in the future, they mostly go for a fridge upgrade and realize later on that they have not spaced left for a bigger fridge, so they have to go for a smaller one.

So, if you are remodeling, make sure you leave enough room for a bigger fridge in case your mind gets made up for it, so you at least have the option.

Make some isolated office space

If you are someone who wants to make his time productive even when cooking something, a small office alike space proves to be very effective in the kitchen.

Don’t worry as you don’t want a lot of space. Just the space of a chair and some shelf to put your laptop on is enough, which can be managed easily.

So, plan your kitchen layout according to that so you can do your work from your kitchen.

Don’t waste the old cabinets

Instead of throwing away your old kitchen accessories like the cabinets and countertops, install them somewhere you can cook without worrying about making a mess that you will have to clean urgently.

You can do anything in this sub-kitchen while your main kitchen will be made up. However, don’t put effort into decorating this sub-kitchen as It does not need to be fancy and needs only to accomplish your cooking tasks.

Happy Kitchen Remodel

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Don’t buy an island without trying it first

Buying island tables to install them in the middle of the kitchen for the extra space is an idea that seems interesting at first to many people.

However, when you actually buy and install it, it may not seem as good as you thought it would be. So, always try the island before buying and only when you’re fully satisfied, you should go on to buying it.

Use modern lighting

Lighting makes up a huge part of how the kitchen looks. Without proper lighting, your kitchen could never reach its top visual potential.

You could also choose kitchen led ceiling lights as they are pretty trendy nowadays and are very energy-saving too.

Place the Refrigerator to a reachable area

When you design the layout of the kitchen, never place things such as a fridge to the most inner parts of a kitchen.

Rather, always place them in a place where anyone could access them without needing to come all the way inside to the kitchen, like in the passerby area. This way, you would have less unnecessary traffic in your kitchen and hence less congestion.

Order the countertops after installing cabinets

Usually, the measures of counter-tops that you have calculated prior to the installation of cabinets do not match the actual size required once the cabinets are installed.

This rather small discrepancy and the distance left between the wall and counter-tops look pretty ugly, to be honest, and become a home to dust accumulation.

So, make sure that you get your measurements after installing the cabinets and then order the countertops.

Children Friendly Design

While you cannot keep the children out of the kitchen, you should model your kitchen in a way that minimizes the wrongs often did by children when you’re re-modeling.

As children always pass running through the kitchen and get their hands onto everything which comes into their path, you should place the important things such as burners and handles in a non-central location, so the risk is minimized.

Use light colors in small kitchens

Dark color themes make the space look really tight and congested. So, in case the space you have available is small, never choose a dark theme as it would further shrink the place, and it will be very hard to spend time there are happy kitchen remodel.

Rather use a lighter theme to expand the kitchen visually.


So, we have seen 12 different tips that one should always keep in mind when re-modeling their kitchens.

People often don’t pay attention to these small details and end up in huge losses, sometimes even needing to repeat the whole process. So, to avoid it, follow these tips and save your time and money.

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