Pizza Pan with Holes Vs No holes | Which One Is Best & Why?

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you already know how essential the culinary tools are. Just the way it’s impossible to prepare without the required ingredients, it’s impossible to cook without the proper cookware as well. If cooking pizza is your thing, I

bet you already know about pizza pans with & without holes. However, should the pizza pan have holes? Pizza Pan with Holes vs no holes: Which One Is better?

I bet these queries have blurred up your thoughts. Both of them are pretty efficient in their way. So, choosing the pizza pan is a personal preference. If crispy pizza is your thing, it’s a must to choose a pan with holes. On the contrary, non-hole pans are more versatile and offer a soft textured pizza.

Our content has highlighted a detailed comparison between the two types of the pan to choose the best one per your requirements. So, let’s not waste any more time & dive in for further exciting details now!

Pizza Pan Without Holes

These pizza pans are specialized in cooking smooth & soft pizzas. They can’t heat the pizza directly like perforated pizza pans; it will naturally take longer to cook. Due to the prolonged indirect heat, pizza will become delicious, soft & chewy.


  • If you are looking for a versatile pan, then ‘Pizza pan without holes’ is the best option for you. Besides preparing pizzas, you can utilize this pan to bake cakes & pies.
  • We would highly recommend it if soft pizzas are your thing.
  • A user can enjoy proper control while cooking.
  • Cleaning the pan is super convenient indeed.


  • The cooking process is prolonged & time-consuming.
  • If you want a crispy crust, this pizza pan is not your thing.

Pizza Pan With Holes

These pans are also known as perforated pans, which are specially designed for making pizza. Generally, they are made of aluminum and feature gaps in the inferior aspect. Such a design lets the air into the pizza leading to a crispy & crusty texture.

Air vents or holes are noteworthy features to hasten the baking procedure. So, they won’t take as much time as the pans without holes. Most professionals love the perforated pans due to the crispy crust & essence they give off.


  • Perforated pizza pans allow proper air circulation through the vents leading to a crispy pizza.
  • They are specialized in baking fast as they ensure equal heat circulation throughout the different parts of the pizza.
  • You can expect the perfect texture as the holes efficiently eliminate the excess moisture.
  • These pans come with a pretty durable design as well.


  • Perforated pans are not versatile & designed for cooking pizza only.
  • Cleaning & maintaining such pans are a bit complicated.
  • It doesn’t offer a flexible design.
  • The cook must be very aware during cooking to avoid burning the pan pizza.

Pizza Pan With Holes Vs. No holes: Check Out The Basic Differences Now!

Is a pizza pan with holes better? Which one would you choose?

As we have discussed the basics of two different types of pizza Pan, I believe you have already got the idea of where to invest. So, we would like you to focus on Pizza Pan with Holes vs no holes & their fundamental differences to clear up further doubts. That’s why we have highlighted six essential points below to check out. So, are you ready?


If we talk about the surface, the first difference is that one pan is perforated while the other is not. The pan holes allow the air in and offer a crispy & brown texture quickly.

On the contrary, the non-perforated pans utilize the same procedure as baking a cake. It will offer a soft, chewy texture instead of a crispy crust.

I bet you can already guess that perforated pans offer better & proper heating. Thus, the non-perforated ones will naturally be slow in baking & you may even end up with uncooked toppings.


Before investing in a pan, it’s a must to be aware of the material. Perforated pans are usually made of a thick layer of aluminum. As aluminum is best in proper heat conduction & distribution, it will indeed offer a crispy flavor.

On the contrary, the pizza wok with no holes are usually made up of a thicker material. So, heat conduction will be slow & pizza will be soft & chewy. So, the ultimate choice is the type of pizza you like the most.

Baking Period:

As already mentioned, non-perforated pans offer a short baking period by a fast, hot air transmission. As the non-perforated pizza pan is naturally slow in consuming heat, it will also bake slowly.


The classic perforated pan is not for you if versatility is your thing. As they have holes, they can’t be used in cooking other dishes.

On the contrary, pizza pans with holes are awesome in baking cakes, cookies & pies. You can even utilize it for roasting. So, they are more adaptable & flexible.

Pizza Style: 

The first & foremost factor that will lead you to choose the pizza pan is the ‘pizza style’ you love. Going for perforated pans is a must if the brown pizza with a crispy crust is your thing. Purchase the plain solid pans without holes if you love the soft textured pizzas more.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Every culinary tool lasts longer if they are properly taken care of. That’s why checking out the ‘ease of maintenance is an essential factor indeed. From the general construction of both pans, it’s easy to guess that non-perforated pizza pans are easy to clean. They are highly compatible with dishwashers, and you don’t require an alternative method to clean them up.

Though perforated pizza pans offer better cooking & texture, they are harder to clean. Generally, food particles or crumbs may stick to the holes & you will require more time to clean & dry it up.


Why are pizza pans perforated? 

The holes in the inferior aspect of the pan are designed for promoting air circulation. As they can prevent moisture buildup over time, neither the pizza will get soggy, nor will the water be absorbed back into the crust.

Should my pizza Pan have holes? 

If crispy brown pizza is the one you love, yes, the pizza pan must have holes. Perforated pizza pans offer an adequate & uniform heat distribution. On the contrary, the pans with no holes may only cook a mushy pizza with unevenly cooked toppings.

Which pizza pan is better: with or without holes? 

We would let you decide that as that’s a perfect preference. I love the pizza pans with holes as they offer a crispy texture & crusty edge by even heat conduction & adequate air circulation.

Final Verdict

Pizza Pan with Holes vs no holes: Which One Will You Go For?

After our detailed discussion, I believe you have already decided which one will suit your needs the most. Actually, both of these pans are pretty functional and efficient in baking pizza. So, you won’t regret it wherever you invest.

However, the ultimate choice is up to the flavor & texture you prefer. So, are you ready to bake a pizza with mouth-watering toppings for your family right now?

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